Monday accident claims life of local man

12 years ago

Monday accident claims life of local man

By Kathy McCarty

Staff Writer

    CHAPMAN — A local man mowing a field Monday has died as the result of an accident that occurred when the seat of the tractor he was driving became detached from the machine, causing him to fall off the tractor.

    “On Sept. 24 at noontime, Ronald Gamblin, 71, of Mapleton, arrived at a friend’s residence on the Chapman Road in Chapman. Gamblin was helping the friend mow a field behind the residence using a 1940s-style John Deere tractor with a rear-mounted six-foot mowing deck,” said Sgt. John Cote, Maine State Police.

    Later that day, the friend went to see where Gamblin was.

    “At approximately 4 p.m. the friend went to check on Gamblin. He saw the tractor in the field but could not see Gamblin. He continued around in the field area, circling back to the tractor and discovered Gamblin underneath the mowing deck deceased,” Cote said.

    Trooper Shawn Whalen, MSP, was notified of the accident and responded to investigate. 

    “Investigation revealed the tractor seat had come loose and fell off the back of the tractor, causing Gamblin to fall backwards into the path of the mower. The tractor continued forward and Gamblin went under the mowing deck and received fatal injuries before the tractor came to rest,” said Cote.

    Gamblin was pronounced dead at the scene. Dr. Roger Pelli was the medical examiner assigned to the case.