Tractor-trailer trucks collide, ignite in New Sweden

12 years ago
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Photo contributed by Susan Maley
Two Northern Maine Paving trucks collided in New Sweden on Sept. 19; one truck was a total loss, but neither driver was seriously injured.

By Natalie Bazinet
Staff Writer

NEW SWEDEN — Two tractor-trailers collided in New Sweden Sept. 19, sparking billowing flames but no serious injuries.

The accident occurred at the intersection of School Road and Jemtland Road when two Northern Maine Paving trucks, transporting millings to the Caribou/Connor Department of Transportation project, collided; one truck, heading down the Jemtland Road, ran into the side of the other truck as it attempted to turn left onto the Jemtland Road from School Road.

An official with Northern Maine Paving said that drivers [Andy Gendreau of Van Buren and Philip McDougall of Caribou] were not seriously injured.

Assistant Captain of the Caribou Fire and Ambulance Department (CFAD) Danny Raymond said that the fire started when the trucks collided and diesel fuel ignited.

“The fire burned the cab off of one truck and completely burned the other truck,” Raymond said. “It was basically an engine sitting on a frame.”

The Caribou Fire Department’s “66 Rescue Team” which, among other things, specializes in motor vehicle accidents responded to the scene as well as nine members of the Northern Lakes Fire and Rescue Department (NLFRD).

Though Northern Lakes was requested to assist with one truck and a crew, NLFRD Chief Darren Woods explained that the department was able to provide two trucks as well as setting up a water supply for Caribou firefighters.

Raymond estimated that about 18 firefighters total responded to the scene, extinguishing the flames in about 45-minutes to an hour.