Bridge to Hope cancer walk is Saturday

12 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — The annual Bridge to Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Walk will be held Saturday, starting at the Gentle Memorial Building.
Registration will be at the recreation center at 9 a.m., followed by the walk at 10 a.m.
Participants will start from the Gentle Memorial Building and walk down Pleasant Street to Highland Avenue and then go down the stairway through Riverfront Park.
“This will be great because the Harvest Festival will be going on,” said Kim Folsom, co-organizer of the Bridge to Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. The group will head across the Gateway Bridge — Bridge to Hope — and through Market Square to Main Street and back to the Houlton Recreational Center.
Last year, the walk drew a record-breaking number of more than 165 participants.
“I was blown away with the participation last year,” said Folsom. “Walkers braved the wind and rain. The weather, at the time of the walk, may not have been the best, but we didn’t hear one complaint. We have to remember that during the ‘cancer fight’ it continues sun, wind, rain, sleet or snow.”
The walk raised approximately $6,000 a year ago, and organizers are hoping to see the walk continue to grow. Overall, the walk has generated more than $24,000 in the last six years for breast cancer initiatives.
Along with the walk, a quilt and Bosom Buddy Bag raffles have added “considerably to our annual fundraising,” added Folsom. “With the Harvest Festival rescheduling, we will continue to sell raffle tickets downtown after the walk. We will have the drawing later in the day.”
Daigle Oil Co. has a truck painted white and pink with the breast cancer awareness ribbon featured on the body. Last year, all the walkers posed for a group photograph in front of the fuel truck.
In addition to raising money for research, proceeds from the walk have also been used by local individuals suffering from cancer. Scholarships have also been given to high school students with some of the funds raised.
If someone cannot physically participate in the walk but would like to donate, call Folsom at 538-6973 or 532-2600 or drop by Saturday at the quilt raffle booth and make a donation.