Cupid strikes when you least expect him

11 years ago

Love has a unique way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, as was the case for these three couples.
Love at First Sight
Matt and Katherine Palmer, of Crouseville, have been happily married for nearly three decades. Katherine said it was a chance encounter that brought them together.

“The first time Matt and I met was at the roller rink in Caribou. He sent someone to ask me to skate couples with him, but I didn’t skate with him,” she said.

Later, she agreed to go on a date with him. That was the beginning of what has grown into a life-long partnership.
“After we went on our first date he went home and told his Mom, ‘this is the one I’m going to marry,’” said Katherine.
She said it was his manly good looks that got her attention.
“For me it was all those muscles and those blue eyes. Besides, he treated me like a lady and was the perfect gentleman,” Katherine said.
Instant Connection
Jason and Jennifer Grass, of Fort Fairfield, credit modern technology for bringing them together.
“Jennifer and I met over the Internet on Jan. 15, 1999 — back when AOL was the ‘in’ thing to do. I invited her over for a movie and a drink before I went to work,” said Jason.
He said when he got home from work just after midnight, he found her waiting at his home.
“I noticed her right away and from the second I met her, I knew she would be the woman I was going to marry someday. From the second I saw her, I was instantly in love,” he said.
Changing out of his work clothes, he grabbed a drink and joined her on the couch to watch the movie.
“We began watching the movie and just around the time it ended, I looked over at her and said ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’ She smiled at me and said, ‘OK,’” said Jason, noting they’d just spent a mere two and a half hours together but had just made a lifetime commitment. “I was engaged to this woman I just met.”
Jason said that was the best thing he ever did.
“We were married on Oct. 31, 2003. Since the day we met we have never spent a full day apart. I used to work 36-hour shifts and she would come visit me several times during my shift — mostly for meals or when she got off work,” said Jason.
“We just celebrated 14 years together two weeks ago. It never feels like it has been that long but I can’t imagine spending that time with anyone else,” Jason said.
For Tina Wilson — formerly of Presque Isle and now living in Old Orchard Beach — an embarrassing moment has turned into a fun-filled relationship.

“I met Leo Menard while I was at work. It was a bit embarrassing but we laugh about it now,” said Tina.
Tina has worked at various banks throughout the state and has years of experience. But despite that experience, she found herself making a mistake that would result in love entering her life.
“I shorted Leo $100 when I was working on the teller line. He was asking so many questions and made me nervous,” said Tina.
The couple have been “an item” for nearly a decade now.