280 students perform in TMDA’s annual recital

11 years ago
Aroostook Republican photo/
Natalie De La Garza
    You could definitely say that little Mea Lagasse had a little bounce in her step during TMDA’s show on May 11 while her fellow gymnasts looked on from offstage.

By Natalie De La Garza
Staff Writer

    CARIBOU — Getting 28 kids to do anything is no simple task — let alone 280. Yet all 280 students of The Maine Dance Academy not only cooperated, they excelled at putting on yet another spectacular show.

    Owner of TMDA Colleen DuPlissie said that this year’s recital of Mary Poppins on May 10, 11 and 12 marked the smoothest annual performance of all 19 years to date.
    “The dancers were so prepared and they made our job as instructors very easy to get them all on stage,” DuPlissie said, adding that it was the most difficult show the academy has produced due to all of the different props, staging and lighting — and still the easiest to run through. “I think the reason for that is our dancers have been with us for so long that they are like professionals,” she explained. “They know what needs to be done and they just do it!”
    In fact, the young “professionals” lived up to their title after one of the props broke during the first performance on Friday night.
    “Like the little professionals that they are, they just carried it off and no one even noticed the difference,” said DuPlissie, who added that she’s incredibly proud of her students.
    “When the curtain closes at the end of each performance and I see all the kids hugging each other and the smiles that they carry on their faces … as instructors, there is no prouder moment,” she said.
    With “Mary Poppins” serving as the 19th annual performance, next year brings about the big 2-0 — and with a big anniversary comes an even bigger production.
    Not only will it be huge, it’s also going to be pretty green.
    “We are planning for a huge 20th Anniversary Celebration with Shrek headlining this performance,” DuPlissie confirmed. “We want this to be our biggest show ever so we are making the sets bigger, the costumes even more magical than they already are and we’re also planning for some surprise guest performers; it will be a must-see for The County, and that’s what we want for our dancers as well.”
    Additional information about The Maine Dance Academy can be found by visiting www.themainedanceacademy.com.

Contributed photo by Kim Griffeth
    Graduating seniors at The Maine Dance Academy are, from top left, Laksmis Johnson as Mr. George Banks, Haley Hunter as Jane Banks, Hannah Hebert as Michael Banks, Regan Buck as Mrs. Winifred Banks, Jessica Sedar as Raggedy Ann, Ashley Martin as Mrs. Brill, Kayla Cormier as Bert and Meredith Sleeper as Mary Poppins.
Aroostook Republican photo/Natalie De La Garza
    Celtic dancers of TMDA’s Troop and Company classes performing to the song “Home” included, from left, Emma Langille, Sammy Camy, Courtney Parent, Molly Adams and Hannah Stoutamyer.
Aroostook Republican photo/Natalie De La Garza
    Performing the song “Sad” were, from left, Delaney Williams, Jackie Lambert, Mariah Williams and Hannah Stoutamyer.
Aroostook Republican photo/Natalie De La Garza
    Performing to the song “Keep Breathing” with the Moore dance group of TMDA were, from left, Irene Thibodeau, Destiny Saucier, Shaye McHatten and Kamryn Irving.
Aroostook Republican photo/Natalie De La Garza
    Little Temple Dancers performed to the song “Five Years’ Time” included Lily McCrossin, Tori Johndro and Molly Kinney.
Aroostook Republican photo/Natalie De La Garza
    Showing off their skills during the gymnastics opening of TMDA’s annual recital were, from left, in front: Sophia Morton and Mallory Beaulieu.
Contributed photo by Kim Griffeth
    Performing a contemporary dance to “Somebody I Used to Know” were students of the Mini Troupe dancers including, from left, Taylor Billings, Madison Jandreau, Alexis Simpson, Karlee Willette, Kaci Bates, Sheridan Blackstone, Kyra Thibeault, Natalie Bates, Elizabeth Collins and Emily Michaud.
Contributed photo by Kim Griffeth
    Starring in the “That’s What Friends are For” medley were, front row, from left, Lainie Bell as Young Haley, Haley Hunter, Annalise Jandreau as Young Hannah, Hannah Hebert, Renee Lapointe as Young Meredith and Meredith Sleeper.
Contributed photo by Kim Griffeth
    Regan Buck as Winifred Banks leads the Troupe Dancers in “Tainted Love” during the annual TMDA recital.
Contributed photo by Kim Griffeth
    Jane and Michael Banks of Mary Poppins, otherwise known as Haley Hunter and Hannah Hebert, lead the dancers of Troupe, Company and Mini Troupe in a performance of “Supercalifragilistic.”
Contributed photo by Kim Griffeth
    Hannah Hebert, front and center, as Michael Banks leads the Sonya dancing group to the song “We’re Not Going to Take It” — at top left is Laksmis Johnson as George Banks and at top right is Regan Buck as Winifred Banks.