Municipal dump truck investigation continues

10 years ago

    HOULTON, Maine — Houlton’s Town Manager Eugene Conlogue is conducting an investigation into the events that led to a municipal dump truck knocking down utility poles in the Shiretown last week.

Conlogue said Friday morning that he was in the initial stage of investigating the Feb. 3 accident that involved a town public works truck knocking out power for several hours.
“I hope to complete my investigation by late next week,” Conlogue said. “I believe the (Houlton) Police Department is nearly complete with their report as well.”
On Feb. 3, at 7:48 a.m., a town-owned dump truck, operated by John Tribou, had just finished dumping snow in the Hillview Avenue lot, but failed to lower the bucket upon leaving. The bucket of the truck caught on some guy wires, causing a chain reaction in which two utility poles, located between Aroostook Milling and County Yankee, were snapped.
Power to those businesses, and many residential customers, was knocked out for several hours. Telephone, cable television and Internet cables were also out of service during this time.
“Any business losses related to this event would be handled by the town’s insurance carrier,” Conlogue said. “To date, no claims have been made to the town. I cannot speak to whether the losses will be covered as the insurance company is in the process of conducting its investigation into the matter.”
The dump truck was believed to have an expired inspection sticker, but Conlogue said that did not contribute to the accident. Conlogue said it was his idea to conduct the investigation, given the serious nature of the incident.