Woodland’s 17th annual Speaking Contest is a dramatic success

10 years ago

By Theron Larkins
Staff Writer
    WOODLAND — As part of the Woodland Consolidated School’s 55th annual Winter Carnival, the school hosted their 17th annual Speaking Contest, on Feb. 28.
    Parents, teachers and fellow students piled into the school’s gymnasium to watch as a select number of upper classmen delivered their performances. The judges of the event looked on intently, as they made they prepared for the tough decision of who to crown for this year’s Speaking Contest winner.

    Participants in this year’s contest included Scott Bray, performing “My Thanksgiving Holiday Extravaganza.” Scott is the son of Kristi and Andrew Bray and was coached on his speech by grade 4 teacher, Jennifer Landeen.
    The next speech was performed by Lane Moir, the son of Kristi and Jason Moir. Moir’s speech was entitled “The Lake” and he was coached in his performance by grade 8 teacher Jessica Smith.
    Mackenzie Conroy, daughter of Vickie and Ralph Conroy, took to the stage, as the third act, with her dramatic performance of “Letters from Teddy Stoddard,” which Conroy adapted from “Three Letters from Teddy” a short-story by Elizabeth Silance Ballard. The moving adaptation that brought a few audience members to tears was coached by Mackenzie’s father Ralph.
    Carter Moir was next in line, as he performed his speech, “My Drama Queen,” written by Haley Quellette-Timpane, who was also Moir’s coach for the contest. The speech started off as a description of fictional sister, who Moir and Timpane described as the ultimate “drama queen,” and ended with the plea for a brother to replace said “drama queen.” Moir and his actual sister, who was in attendance for the contest, assured the crowd that the speech was purely fictional. Moir is the son of Neali and Scott Moir.
    Candace Lane, daughter of Delores and Kurt Lane, performed “The True Story of Rapunzel,” which she herself composed with the help of her coach and the school’s music teacher, Jennifer Holmes. 
    Callee McBreairty was next to perform her speech “Wonderbread vs. Braces,” which she adapted from an anonymous author. McBreairty was coached on her speech by her father Robert LeBlanc, and told the story of a young high school girl, who was tormented by her obnoxious braces and the battles she faced in the school cafeteria with pesky Wonderbread sandwiches. McBreairty is the daughter of Sherrie and Robert LeBlanc.
    Last, but certainly not least, was Adia Greer, granddaughter of Mary and Wayne Greer. Greer’s speech was entitled “The Recess Queen” and was adapted from the short story by Alexis O’Neil. Greer was dressed up in her recess garb, as she described the speech’s main character, “Mean Jean,” a bully who once ruled the playground with an iron-fist, until a new student showed her the error of her ways. Greer was coached in her speech by ed tech Debbie McPherson.
    Once all the speeches were performed the students were sent back to their classrooms, as the judges began their deliberation. After evaluating the performances the judges chose one boy and one girl, who would not only win the Speaking Contest, but also represent the school as king and queen at the following day’s Winter Carnival. This year’s crown for the boys went to Scott Bray, while the queen’s honor was awarded to Adia Greer.



FS-Speaking-contest-winner-DC1-AR-10Aroostook Republican photo/Theron Larkins
    Eighth-grader Scott Bray enthusiastically delivers his contest-winning speech at Woodland School’s 17th annual Speaking Contest. The event was part of Woodland’s Winter Carnival, which began Friday, with the Speaking Contest and ended on Saturday with a day of outdoor fun, as well as the crowning of the king and queen, which Bray and his co-winner Adia Greer took part in. Bray’s speech was entitled “My Thanksgiving Holiday Extravaganza,” which he was coached in by grade 4 teacher Jennifer Landeen. Bray is the son of Kristi and Andrew Bray. 




          FS-Adia-Greer-Speaking-Contest-winner-DC-AR-10                                                                                                                                                          Aroostook Republican photo/Theron Larkins
    Winner of Woodland School’s 17th annual Speaking Contest Adia Greer, delivers her speech entitled “The Recess Queen.” Greer was coached in her speech delivery by ed tech Debbie McPherson. In winning the event, Adia also earned the title of Winter Carnival Queen, along with co-winner Scott Bray, who was crowned king. Greer is the granddaughter of Mary and Wayne Greer.