Have you checked your child’s safety seat?

10 years ago

    HOULTON, Maine — Have you ever wondered if your child’s safety seat is properly installed, is still up to specifications, or is still even necessary?

   Thankfully, the Houlton Police Department is now able to give residents answers to these questions and more. Officer Theron Bickford recently returned from a three-day class held in Rockland to become a certified Child Passenger Seat Technician.

SEAT CHECK — Houlton Police Officer Theron Bickford, right, goes over some child safety seat suggestions with Jasmine Cunningham. Bickford has become a certified Child Passenger Seat Technician following completion of a three-day course.

    “The Houlton Police Department wants to encourage parents to bring their vehicles to the department so that Officer Bickford can properly check and secure their car safety seat,” explained Chief Butch Asselin.

    Maine’s Child Passenger Safety law is one of the strongest in the country. The law requires that:

    • Children who weigh less than 40 pounds must ride in a child safety seat.
    • Children who weigh at least 40 pounds, but less than 80 pounds and are younger than 8 years old, must ride in a federally approved child restraint system.
    • Children who are at least 8 years old, but younger than 18 years old and taller than 4-feet, 9-inches in height must be properly secured in a safety belt.
    • A child younger than 12 years old who weighs less than 100 pounds must be properly secured in the back seat of the vehicle.

    “The Houlton Police Department is providing parents and caregivers with education about keeping their child safe when riding in a vehicle by correctly choosing and using a child safety seat or safety belt,” Asselin said. “This is a one-on-one lesson that is provided by a Certified Child Passenger Seat Technician explaining the correct use and installation of car safety seats and safety belts.”

    This service is offered at no cost to the parent. To schedule an appointment, contact the Houlton Police Department located at 97 Military St. by calling 532-1322 and asking for Officer Bickford.