Proud to be a Registered Maine Guide

10 years ago

To the editor:
    I would like to address the individual who responded to the ASPCA editorial last week. It’s funny that the primary focus of the article is mostly on money, where the individual has no knowledge of Maine Guide ethics.

    I am proud to say that I am a Registered Maine Guide, and as a matter of fact, have never guided anyone on a bear hunt. This means, no, I have not ever benefited financially from a bear hunt. In addition, I have had the advantage of sitting with my 10-year-old son this past fall, in a tree stand, intending to harvest a bear during the season. The only activity we had was too small bear cubs coming into our bait, and my opportunity for teaching my young son about the importance of good hunter ethics. No, I would not allow him, as he had asked, to harvest one of these cubs because I do value good hunting ethics in contrast to your assumption. He wants to be a Game Warden when he grows up because he loves animals and wants to help protect them and ensure hunters are following laws set forth.

    It was rewarding to just sit and watch these two beautiful cubs, go about. When you write an article, it is important to ensure that your facts or assumptions are supported. As far as ASPCA, if you would like to see the source documents that indicate ASPCA’s involvement of anti-hunting — not just bears — please feel free to visit their website “About Us”.

    The anti-hunting effort has already done a large amount of damage to Mainers and organizations that support humane hunting. I have witnessed the adverse effects of the elimination of snaring coyotes, which include a dangerously low population of our deer, and dangerously increase in the chances of my two young boys being attacked by a coyote. In fact (and this is a fact) for the 25 years where my parents live they have never witnessed a coyote on their property until a month ago, there was a coyote on their property which thank goodness their dogs and most importantly my children were in the house at the time. We took a picture of it and would be happy to share it.

    Coyotes and bear are considered as nocturnal animals, which mean they are more active at night. This is one reason why the aid of baiting and dogs is needed for a potentially successful bear hunt. The word potentially is important here. Again, in the years I have hunted bear over bait, I have harvested only one. That is one less that will enter in my yard, rummaging through my trash, and threatening my family’s safety.

    As far as your own words, I am not a “john” or a “pimp” or a “prostitute” as you unprofessionally indicated in your article. ASPCA will refund my total amount of donations for the three years I have donated without question, once I personally spoke with them about their anti-hunting tactics in which they did not deny. So, yes I would absolutely call that a deception.

    To close, I will reinforce my statement; be sure you have facts before you write something or judge someone.

Tiffany Dodd
Registered Maine Guide