Transparency needed in RSU 29

10 years ago

To the editor:
Respectfully submitted to Superintendent Hammer — if you don’t want a divided district as you stated in the front page article of the Houlton Pioneer Times last week, don’t treat Monticello and Littleton parents, taxpayers and voters like they don’t matter. They respectively bring in 11 and 13 percent of the budget.

Wellington was closed for less than 1 percent of the budget ($120,000 out of $12.7 million)? It was an excellent school with excellent teachers and excellent parent involvement. This hasn’t been justified in many voters’ minds; until that is done, voters won’t support the Board, but they do support their children, their children’s teachers and education.
Mr. Grant called this a competition; why can’t it be collaboration? With more transparency, perhaps citizens would become more involved, come to understand the School Board process and have a clearer understanding of the decisions made.
It would be nice to become less divided, rather than more.
Laurice Grass-Bell
Barbara Brown