Farmers’ Market: Scientific Method II

9 years ago

Last week’s article discussed the Scientific Method and the failure of a survey question in that (other) newspaper to produce measurable, objective data with only 49 responses. The Daily Poll is really designed to encourage readers to look at an article found in that edition. Without some way to regulate how the survey question is posed (online) or how the respondents are selected (volunteered), the readers’ appropriate response is, “Huh. Thanks for sharing.”
We could hypothesize that there were so few respondents because of the subject matter of the question. Presque Isle Farmers’ Market customers are mostly regulars who make a stop in the Aroostook Centre Mall parking lot part of their Saturday morning routine. For loyal Market patrons, questioning attendance may seem equivalent to a question like, “Have you ever shoveled snow?” Well, duh!

The following day that (other) newspaper reported the Daily Poll Results to the question, “Have you ever been in a corn maze?” This question brought a larger number of participants; 57 percent of 219 responded negatively. Once again, the readership of this newspaper might ask, “Why the heck not?”
A corn maze can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Little People burning off “puppy juice” racing up and down the paths followed by parents smiling indulgently while they enjoy a sunny Autumn day among the towering stalks. Teens kanoodle on a blind corner. It does not seem that anyone from the Crown of Maine would fail to enjoy a sunny day in the Amazingly Grateful corn maze, designed to honor our veterans and found at Goughan’s Berry Farm on the road to Ft. Fairfield.
Mark and Gloria Goughan focus on agri-tourism on their farm. They specifically design attractions for their visitors above and beyond foodstuffs grown on site, from Mark’s maze design weed-whacked into several acres of corn field to Gloria’s (mostly) cheery personalities painted on pumpkins to homemade ice cream in a cone. Their produce is vended at the Presque Isle Farmers Market on Saturdays and daily through their on-farm store.
A visit to Goughan’s Berry Farm includes many other fun and educational things to see and do seven days a week. At either venue, they welcome you to stop by and say hello. That would constitute replication and conclusions we all could support enthusiastically.
The Presque Isle Farmers’ Market contact person is Gail Maynard, who operates Orchard Hill Farm in Woodland with her husband, Stan. Their phone number is 498-8541 and their email is