Caswell students envision the future of travel

Natalie De La Garza, Special to The County
9 years ago

Named “Rubix Cube” for its square shape, and “1000” because it’s 1,000 times better than anything, this floating contraption travels at super sonic speeds and has an infinite interior that lacks gravity and has a slushy machine. And all of Earth’s oceans.
Who says kids these days lack imagination?

The Rubix Cube 1000 is designed to get the Caswell students from their homes to school in style — but they want to share this vision with the world.
That’s why they came up with a wonderful sales pitch — and students from kindergarten through eighth grade chimed in with ways to excite the public about their new transportation idea:
“It’s really cool!”
“Everyone is going to love the Rubix Cube 1000!”
“It has a super speeder.”
“You can play video games in it”
“Three our of four doctors recommend the Rubix Cube 1000”
“Dr. Labreck says ‘I’m a doctor, and I approve this product*’”
“It has everything Earth has, but it’s 1,000 times cooler.”
“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”
“No adults allowed!”
Discussing various costs for this new product, which ranged as low as $24,000 to one penny, the students decided that three easy payments of $100,000,000 was a good price for the Rubix Cube 1000.
Bartering options are available for the new vessel as well, as one student suggested that she’d give someone the Rubix Cube 1000 for 10 goats. Another said that 10 phones would also be OK.
Plus, it comes with free shipping — as long as the customer pays shipping and handling.
Caswell students proved to have more creative ideas for this mode of transportation than there was time in the afternoon, but the list of features they outlined for the Rubix Cube 1000 was pretty extensive.
It floats thought the air, obviously, but it also has a swimming pool and a hot tub. There are aliens inside of it and a robot who knows how to drive. There’s food and a cappuccino machine, a Burger King and a Taco Bell, and a flat screen TV that’s used to play all the videogames.
Did we mention penguins?
The Rubix Cube 1000 comes with penguins and a super high-speed security system; the chief security guard is a Leprechaun who keeps an eye on the go-cart track, which is also in the Rubix Cube 1000.
Also, it has bumper stickers and a spoiler.
It’s OK that some of the ideas don’t make sense right now. People probably thought that crazy “horseless carriage” design didn’t make sense either — let alone flying around the world in big metal containers we call “airplanes.”
Over at the Caribou Middle School and Teague Park, Beth Alden oversees the gifted and talented program and thinks it’s extremely important for students to be afforded time to express themselves in creative ways.
“Creativity is a process that allows students to ‘think outside the box.’ Creative expression can help students to develop new ideas or make adaptations to existing ones,” Alden said. “New ideas and creations are developed every day when creative minds are allowed to explore, discover and imagine what might be,” she added. “As an educator, it is always exciting to see creative minds at work, taking learning to the next level.”
The Rubix Cube 1000 was created with the idea that the students could make their ideal design now and figure out how to actually achieve all of these things later.
Seventh-grade student Trinity St. Peter volunteered to figure out the mechanics for the Rubix Cube 1000, and her classmates commended her for undertaking this endeavor.
There were a lot of different names tossed around for this new vehicle, with the winning name “Rubix Cube 1000” earning 13 votes.
Also considered were:
• Party Box, with nine votes;
• Floater 9000, with seven votes;
• The Earth, with five votes;
• Hover Craft, with five votes;
• Monkey Boat, with three votes;
• Flying 2000, with three votes;
• Iron Man Box, with three votes;
• Party City Box, with one vote; and
• Drifting Boat, with one vote.

* Dr. Labreck is a seventh-grade Caswell student without a medical degree, but he seemed pretty trustworthy.