Cronin named Little Miss PI 2015

9 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE — Mallory Cronin was named Little Miss Presque Isle 2015 at Saturday’s pageant, held at Presque Isle Middle School and benefiting the United Way of Aroostook.
Festivities kicked off with Kacie Chapman, Junior Miss Presque Isle 2014, introducing the program’s emcees, Claudia Stevens and Jason Parent. Contestants then introduced themselves as they performed the opening number entitled “Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales”.

Stevens and Parent then introduced the judges for the afternoon event: Barb Blackstone, Andrea Perrault and Katelyn York. Auditors for the event were Cindy Flanagan and Sherry Sweeney.
United Way Campaign Chair Luke Rossignol, who also serves as vice president of the UWA board, shared with the audience the United Way’s programs and how it supports various agencies county-wide.
“We focus on helping people in our community. Despite carrying a national name, we really are local. All money raised here stays here,” said Rossignol.
United Way benefits from the annual Northern Star competition to workplace campaigns, in addition to other fundraisers.
“We’re also very fortunate in Aroostook County to get very welcomed corporate gifts and grants,” he said.
“We focus on children and families, senior citizens, and teaching people to be self-sufficient and how to meet basic needs. We don’t believe in just giving a handout, we give a hand up,” said Rossignol.
He talked about some of the local organizations that rely on assistance from UWA, including the Hope & Justice Project.
“If you ever see the eyes of the people we help, it will change your life. I know, it has mine,” said Rossignol.
Rossignol discussed the hundreds of children who received gifts last Christmas, thanks to the United Way. He noted eligible individuals receive aid in preparing their taxes thanks to a UWA program. He said the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program continues to grow.
“We’re being noticed and proud of it,” Rossignol said. “Thank you for helping. It makes a difference.”
Parent then explained the scoring process for the pageant. He said the interview portion took place earlier in the day and counted as 40 percent of each contestant’s final score, with sportswear counting as 10 percent, talent as 40 percent and gown as the final 10 percent.
“The contestant with the highest overall score wins and will go on to represent the city at the Potato Blossom Pageant and other events throughout the year,” said Parent, as he introduced the sportswear competition.
Next, visiting queens took to the stage, introducing themselves to the audience. Chapman and Miss Presque Isle 2014 Darrian Corey were then interviewed by Parent. Chapman and Corey then surprised the crowd by presenting all the contestants for the evening’s Junior and Miss Presque Isle pageants.
The talent portion of the pageant got underway, with Katerina Poluyansky performing a Bollywood-inspired dance to “Get Low.” Poluyansky, the daughter of Anna Nikachina, was later named second runner up.
Alexis Davenport, daughter of Randie and Candace Davenport, performed a jazz swing dance to “Rock Around the Clock.” She was named first runner up.
Asiah Wright performed a pom-pom routine to the theme song from “Hawaii Five-O.” She is the daughter of Tammy Wright.
Johanna Cote, daughter of Jason and Jasmine Cote, did a dance routine to “The Witch Doctor.”
Mia Shaw, recipient of the Spirit Award, performed a gymnastics routine to level 2 and 3 gymnastic music. She is the daughter of John and Minyi Shaw.
Reagan Bernard, the daughter of Scott and Tory Bernard, sang and signed to the song “Let It Grow” from “The Lorax.”
Mallory Cronin, winner of the title of Little Miss Presque Isle 2015, played “Tomorrow” on the piano, from the play “Annie.” She is the daughter of daughter of Gene and Brandy Cronin.
Danica Beaulieu is the daughter of Matt Beaulieu, Reighal Waugh, and stepdaughter of Julea Gorneault. She danced to the song “Ice, Ice Baby.”
Charli Casavant, daughter of Nicholas and Jessica Casavant, rounded out the talent competition, singing “Never Smile at a Crocodile,” from the play “Peter Pan.”
Taking the stage for her last performance as Little Miss Presque Isle 2014 was Olivia Levesque, daughter of Chris and Christi Levesque, dancing to “The Evolution of Dance.” As she walked around the auditorium, a recorded message played. In it, Levesque noted her grandfather had always called her princess, but upon winning last year, she advised him she was “now a queen.” She also warned future title holders that though they might be queens, it “wasn’t a good idea to call your mom a peasant.” She concluded her statement, noting her frustration over the fact presidents are elected for eight years, that Queen Elizabeth reigns for life, while Little Miss is only a year’s rule. Despite the disappointment in giving up her title, she acknowledged it was time for “someone else to have fun.” Stevens suggested Levesque consider a career in comedy when she gets older.
Contestants returned to the stage, showing off their beautiful dresses during the evening gown competition, followed by Levesque’s farewell walk, accompanied by her father.
With voting concluded, the girls enjoyed a brief moment of free time on the stage as they took part in the parade of gowns. Each contestant was then presented with a trophy for participating, with the afternoon concluding with the presentation of the top three awards.
If for whatever reason Cronin cannot fulfill her duties as queen or should she be named the next Potato Blossom queen, Davenport would assume the role of Little Miss Presque Isle 2015.