In need of a streetlight

To the editor:
I have lived here on Washburn Street in Caribou since 1960. When my husband, Valdore, went into the Veterans’ Home, our streetlight was turned off, when I am in need of it the most. I have a fear of falling.
I have called the City Office four times. The manager told me I could get a telephone pole hooked up at a cost to me. Then, he went on to say to go to the council meeting and protest about the absence of a streetlight.

During the holiday season, there are fancy Christmas lights on Sweden Street, which we could do without. The town could put it in my yard and wrap it around the light pole just enough for me to see to unlock my door and get safely inside.
I am still in need of a streetlight for a little longer. Call me if you can help me with this problem. It is so dark now, that there is vandalism damage of cut marks on my car window, and also on my husband, Valdore’s, upholstery shop window. I am paying for a streetlight that I don’t have.

Ruby Pelletier