Bell Chiropractic offers patients advanced treatment options

9 years ago

The services offered at Bell Chiropractic have recently expanded! In addition to our primary chiropractic services, Dr. Christopher Bell, D.C., CFMP, became a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) from Functional Medicine University in May, 2014. The functional medicine approach seeks to find the root cause of the health problem.

This approach greatly benefits patients whose standardized tests appear normal but who are not well and are left searching for answers as well as those who have not responded to traditional therapies. A functional medicine practitioner will assess this gap based on interpretative and diagnostic methods. The patient can then better understand what is happening with their body and what they must do to achieve a greater state of health and well being.

Bell Chiropractic now also offers non-surgical spinal decompression. Dr. Bell recently became a certified KDT (Kennedy Decompression technique) provider, the first in Maine. KDT therapy is a unique classification system to identify specific spinal conditions and directional preferences.  This combined with the KDT Neuralflex table provides the most advanced and comprehensive decompression treatment available.

Additionally, Bell Chiropractic offers ATM2 Therapy (Active Therapeutic Movement), an advanced therapy to identify and correct functional movement disorders, which compliments spinal decompression treatment well.  Bell Chiropractic is pleased to bring ATM2 Therapy to the state of Maine. “We have already begun to see the benefits of this treatment in our patients”, says Dr. Bell.  

The expansion of each of these services has been a long-term goal of Dr. Bell’s that has been phased in to the practice in order to maintain quality of care. “We are grateful to be able to extend these services to our patients in order to help each of them reach their optimal level of health.”     

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