Wildlife Conservation Center hoping to make a comeback

9 years ago

Wildlife Conservation Center
hoping to make a comeback

    To the editor:
The A.E.Howell Wildlife Conservation Center and Spruce Acres Refuge have been around since 1981.There are three generations of family members, Arthur, his son Eric, and Eric’s daughter Marlaina, trying to do animal conservation in Amity.

Arthur E Howell had a dream to open it. The dream was to take in and care for animals that are in need, and then release them back into the wild to live out their lives. Those that could not be returned to the wild due to injuries and not be able to survive would be used to educate people, especially children into the works of wildlife conservation. Unfortunately, illness in the Howell family has forced them to scale back the mission of the organization and they are just able to maintain the animals they have.
Arthur’s son Eric and his daughter Marlaina want to step in and open the A.E. Howell Wildlife Conservation Center and refuge to the public next spring. They will need a lot of helping volunteers, money and monetary donations from business, other organization and individuals to make this possible. Anyone that has need for community service, groups, like National Honor Society, banks and others looking to volunteer are welcomed. All donations are tax deductible on your behalf since this organization is a 501 (c) (3) based mostly on donations to operate.
Aroostook County is in need of this wildlife conservation and refuge area. The next closest place is in Bangor. What a perfect way to help wildlife and kids that might want to get into this field of education. With knowledge comes respect for wildlife, with respect comes change to help wildlife, with wildlife comes opportunity for The County.
We need to learn to coexist with wildlife as more people build houses and animals lose their habitat. Any donation and volunteer help well be greatly appreciated.
All donations can be sent to: A. E. Howell Wildlife Conservation Center and Spruce Area Refuge, 101 Lycette Road, Amity, Maine 04471. To volunteer work contact Eric Howell at 532-7981 or email him at ehowell@mfx.net.
So when can you volunteer to help with repairs to the structures, better the environment for the animals that are there now and the ones to be in the future, or send monetary contributions, food or other supplies that need to help care for and rehabilitate the animals?
Thank you in advance for your help. We know Aroostook County and others associated with The County will step up and help the A.E. Howell Wildlife Conservation Center and those in need.

James Anderson
Presque Isle