Happy ending: Lost cat back with owner

     Mickey, an orange and white neutered male cat, was recently very pleased to locate his missing owner, Julian Szabo.  

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Mickey, an orange and white cat, was recently happily reunited with his family. He is held here by “Dad,” Julian Szabo. Mickey was found wandering on a country road by a couple who just couldn’t leave him there; they took him to the Halfway Home Pet Rescue, where he was cared for while staff worked to find his owners.  

     Mickey was found by a young couple out for an evening drive; they saw him shivering and scared on the side of a country road.  The couple picked up the cat and brought him to Halfway Home Pet Rescue saying, “We didn’t know what to do, but we just couldn’t leave him there.”

     Although Mickey and his feline best friend occasionally enjoy the outside, the Szabo family was worried when they did not return home together last Friday night.  Mickey spent four days at the “HHPR Spa” before locating his human.  It is supposed that Mickey might have been chased by a dog until he ended up in unfamiliar territory and could not find his way home on that chilly and raining evening.  

     “All is well that ends well,” he seemed to say as he and Daddy enjoyed a loving reunion.  

     For help in finding your lost pet, prepare in advance and take a couple of very good photos of your pet, just in case. If your pet is turned in to HHPR, we will provide your cat a warm safe shelter, food, water and medical care while he/she waits for you to find him.  HHPR advertises lost pets on our Facebook page.  

     For more information on adoptable or lost cats, call 999-1075.

     HHPR is constantly looking for additional dedicated and responsible pet lovers to volunteer at the Second Chance Thrift Store. Those who can work a three-hour shift may call Mary at 999-1800.


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