Littleton woman indicted in domestic violence shooting

8 years ago

A 62-year-old Littleton woman has been indicted on multiple charges in connection with the shooting last October of a 52-year-old man in the home they shared.

Margaret Barnes, who was arrested on Oct. 25 in connection with the shooting of Scott Barnes that same day was among more than two dozen people indicted on Jan. 8 by the Aroostook County grand jury.

Barnes, who remains in custody, was indicted on charges of elevated aggravated assault, domestic violence reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault, according to the indictment list released Thursday by Aroostook County District Attorney Todd Collins.

Scott Barnes was hospitalized for more than two weeks after the shooting, but is now back at home in Littleton, according to Collins and Aroostook County Sheriff Darrell Crandall. Though they share a last name, the relationship between Margaret and Scott Barnes has yet to be made publicly clear.

Houlton police Chief Joe McKenna said in the days after the shooting that his officers had an interaction with Margaret Barnes two days before the shooting.

He said officers were called to the Doc’s Place gas station and convenience store on North Road in Houlton on Friday, Oct. 23, to investigate a report of a woman acting irrationally.

A witness said Barnes was screaming and cursing at police officers and emergency medical technicians.

Officers escorted Barnes outside the store and took her to Houlton Regional Hospital, where she underwent a psychological evaluation, according to McKenna. She wasn’t charged with anything in connection with that incident, and it is unclear when she was released from the hospital.

Other indictments handed down by the grand jury this month included:

Chelysea M. Sabatis, 21, Houlton: burglary, assault, and criminal mischief.

Nathan R. Morrow, 22, Caribou: burglary, assault, obstructing report of a crime, criminal mischief, violating bail conditions and aggravated criminal trespass.

Renae L. Sabatis, 25, Houlton: burglary, assault and criminal mischief.

Andrew J. Torres, 20, Caribou: receiving stolen property.

Michael R. Adler, 25, Caribou: gross sexual assault.

Lawrence E. Thompson, 33, Caribou: burglary and theft.

Brenda L. Wilcox, 53, Connor TWP: operating under the influence, operating after suspension, assault and refusing to submit to arrest.

Dwayne M. Bouchard, 58, Caribou: aggravated assault, probation violation, assault, violating conditions of bail and criminal mischief.

Timmy J. Soucy, 31, Caribou: OUI, operating after revocation and aggravated operating after revocation.

Jordan Field, 33, Blaine: aggravated assault.

Benjamin R. Guptill, 34, Bridgewater: domestic violence assault and criminal restraint.

Daniel J. Bouchard, 41, Caribou: theft by deception.

Ryan D. Skidgel, 29, Caribou: theft by deception.

Joel J. Landry, 59, Madawaska: assault on officer, refusal to submit and violating conditions of bail.

Kevin J. Dufour, 27, Madawaska: burglary, theft and theft by deception.

Marc T. Lavoie, 26, Madawaska: aggravated assault, domestic violence criminal threatening with weapon, domestic violence assault and domestic violence terrorizing.

Peter Bourgoin, 47, Madawaska: aggravated assault and domestic violence terrorizing.

Samual M. Mathers, 29, Presque Isle: eluding an officer, OUI, driving to endanger, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs and unauthorized use.

Renaldo R. Jones, 24, Presque Isle: aggravated criminal mischief, criminal mischief, terrorizing, disorderly condition and attempted escape.

Brian A. Boulware, 33, Van Buren: criminal trespassing, assault, aggravated criminal trespassing, obstructing the report of a crime and two counts of tampering with victim.

Gary W. Goodrich, 19, Surry: aggravated criminal mischief, unauthorized use, furnishing liquor to a minor, violating bail conditions, operating without license, leaving scene of an accident, theft and possession alcohol by minor.

Justin R. Cormier, 23, Van Buren: burglary and theft.

Danielle L. Rideout, 41, Chapman: theft.

Joshua M. Jacques, 28, Ashland: violating conditions of release.

Cameron McEwen, 22, Caribou: theft.

Arthur R. Gray, 25, Presque Isle: theft.

Donald Hammond, 19, Limestone: burglary, theft and misuse of identification.

Renaldo R. Jones, 24, Presque Isle: burglary, aggravated criminal mischief, theft, unauthorized use and criminal mischief.

Lee J. Winship, 34, Presque Isle: theft.

Jessie J. White, 37, Presque Isle: operating after revocation and OUI.

Patrick B. White, 39, Perham: unauthorized use, operating after revocation, theft, burglary, aggravated criminal mischief, theft, unauthorized use and criminal mischief.