Maine’s Austin Theriault wins ARCA Championship

6 years ago

Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) is not technically a nationwide series, however, Austin Theriault now is the only person from Maine to win the driver’s championship in the 65 year history of the Ohio headquartered series.

This was also the only time in ARCA history where the champion won at every type of race track in the same year. Theriault won at super speedway, short track, road course, intermediate, and dirt track. If you look who has raced in ARCA, one cannot help but be impressed with that feat alone.

Theriault had the largest contingent of fans on the ARCA live feed at each of the series events. The Fort Kent native was not only a hometown favorite, but a State of Maine favorite.

In the post race track interview Theriault said, “There’s roughly a million people in Maine. I’ve been very fortunate to have a huge number of people follow me.”

“When you race at the national level, it takes everything to a new level. I’m proud of all our support from back home.”

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