Residents weigh in on New Year’s resolutions

6 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — What’s on your to-do list for 2018? Exercising more? Finishing home projects? We asked around town to see what was on tap for 2018. Here’s what we heard.

Richard Rhoda, attorney — “My goal can be summed up as follows for myself and for all of us as the world grows smaller — Shalom, Peace, Salaam be upon you as we meet and as we part.”

Tracy Despres, professional group fitness instructor/personal trainer — “To make more time for myself so I can be more present for others.”

Joe Fagnant, director of adult and community education — “Personally, I’m planning to take time to enjoy the moments with family and friends, as life is way too short. Professional goal: to continue to grow the program that our team at Adult and Community Education is delivering so learners in our communities can complete high school, become ready for college, learn a new skill, attain a job, or enjoy an enrichment class.”

Cathy Davis, insurance agent at the Varney Agency — “No resolutions, just goals. I’m retiring in August after 40 years in the insurance industry. So, once retired, my outside interests include the Houlton Humane Society. I would like to write grants for various projects such as a dog park where people can bring their dogs to exercise and run in a clean, safe environment or a new building for spay/neuter clinics.”

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Linda Rowe, director, Mindful Way — “My intention for 2018 is to be more peaceful, kind and loving to myself and everyone else.”

Marie Carmichael, Houlton Rec Department director — “Our goal this year is to provide the best possible recreation programs, parks and facilities for the Houlton community and to promote healthy lifestyles.”

Charlie Fortier, Temple Theater owner — “Personally, I hope to finish writing my ninth book,” said “For the theater, our goal is to provide the best value in entertainment for all our customers. This last year has been the worst since 2006, not just in Greater Houlton, but across the whole movie industry. I hope we have another year like 2016.”