Photo captured a moment and attention

6 years ago

To the editor:

I purchase the Aroostook Republican weekly in order to skim through to know what is going on in The County that I happen to live in.  I generally do not really even pay attention to the photos that accompany the articles that I may or may not read. However, this week there is a photo that totally caught my attention and ended up making me read the article even though I would never be interested in doing so:  NAPA Auto Parts moves to larger building.  Like, seriously, who cares about auto parts — unless they like the smell of rubber?  

The photo though. It is obvious that something, some conversation, some witty sentence, some something happened just at the moment this photo was taken. The faces of these men tell a story, it is an amazing capture of humans being human — I love it.

I have been a fan of [reporter Christopher] Bouchard for a bit of time now because in a day where journalism has lost its ability to deliver the 5 W’s and 1 H he seems to rise above it. I appreciate his being seemingly connected to old school ways when it comes to reporting the news. But this picture is what actually got me to go beyond my appreciation and tip my proverbial hat.  

It is probably a sad thing to wait until there is something so over the top of what is expected to give kudos for a typically consistent journalist, but hat’s off none-the-less.

Michele Smith