Island Falls notes – week of January 17, 2018

6 years ago

Not very much happening here since the big storm last week that left us with over 12 inches of snow in one go.

The side roads are now really slippery and the banks of snow are really high. Much caution is used when going to the store, or anywhere, as you cannot see any oncoming traffic.

I had a friend just now come in and take some of the snow off my woodshed roof. as a thaw is expected to arrive and bring with it some rain, and that means the snow cover would be too heavy and could cause the shed roof to collapse. Living in Maine in the winter can be quite a challenge.

Roger Webb, one of my next-door neighbors, has been helping me feed all my feathered friends by bringing in the feeders to be filled, and my plow man, Chris Given (Cecil’s boy), has been very good about keeping the path to the feeders clear of snow.

My car battery gave up on me last week so I was without wheels for two or three days, and another next-door neighbor, Susie York, took pity on me and did some grocery shopping for me. So, you see, this terrifically cold weather, coupled with all those 12-14 inches of snow, has been something we all have had to endure as we live here in northern Aroostook County.

I have seen a few deer since the big storm and they have made a few trails across my backyard heading for the cedar trees there to munch on them. I have lots of old bread that I throw out for them and there are many footprints around my house now. They all arrive after dark, I guess, and sometimes I see them out back near the cedar trees during the day.