Terry Hayes gets nod from industry leader

6 years ago

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since our staff cannot meet with all candidates or cover their campaign events, we have created this site to share candidate press releases and statements with our readers. The items are posted in their words and unedited. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Northeast Publishing.

AUBURN, Maine — Allen Bancroft, former President of Associated General Contractors of Maine and Founder of Bancroft Contracting Corporation is throwing his support behind Terry Hayes, Maine’s first independent State Treasurer, for Governor. The nod comes the day before the “Road to the Blaine House: Building Maine’s Future” debate hosted by the Associated General Contractors of Maine in Portland on Wednesday.

In announcing his support Bancroft said, “Terry has a proven track record of getting things done and a no-nonsense governing style that is respected on both sides of the aisle, as demonstrated by the fact Democrat and Republican legislators have now twice elected Terry to oversee the state’s financial wellbeing. She has brokered pragmatic, practical compromises and found real solutions to the most pressing challenges that our state — and our industry — faces.”

Bancroft went on to cite an example where Hayes demonstrated her ability to broker a compromise, “When Governor Paul LePage held $600 million in transportation projects over a dispute about the bond counsel chosen in a competitive bid process, it was Terry who brokered a compromise that got the construction projects back on track and put 4,500 Mainers — our employees — back to work fixing our roads and bridges.”

“Al has been a pioneer in the contracting industry around the state,”said Hayes. “He has also been a good friend and advisor, and I am honored to have his support.”

“Terry’s experience as an independent voice in Augusta has shaped her commitment to making government work for Mainers who pay the bills and the people who depend on our government to do its job with competence, fairness and efficiency,” added Bancroft

The debate begins at 4:15 pm at Thompson’s Point in Portland on Wednesday, January 31.