Caribou library adds business planning tool

6 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — The Caribou Public Library recently subscribed to Gale Small Business Builder, an online business planning tool for individuals who are exploring the idea of entrepreneurship, looking to start a small business or operating an existing business.

“This resource will help small businesses and nonprofits increase their likelihood of success by helping them build a business plan,” said Anastasia Weigle, library director. “The Gale Small Business Builder will provide a new level of assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs.”

According to Weigle, the resource allows public libraries to provide creative tools for patrons interested in planning a small business or a nonprofit. The program walks them through four areas of exploration: the entrepreneur profile, business ideation, break-even analysis and financial projections. The program is available to library patrons for free. Those who want to access it from home must have a current library card.

The library and Caribou’s Events and Marketing Department have been collaborating on new ways to support established businesses and foster entrepreneurs.  Discussions are ongoing for a series of workshops intended to offer information and help clear confusion about everything from budgeting to self-employment.

“We want to inspire the community members who want to take that next step,” explained Christina Kane-Gibson of Events and Marketing. “Anastasia and I have been visiting local businesses and asking questions. We are working to implement training opportunities and discussing the best ways to show our support and invest in the residents who want Caribou to thrive.”  

For more information, contact Weigle to set up a day and time for one-on-one training. The library and the Events and Marketing will also collaborate on training workshops on using the Small Business Builder database.