TOPS (week of June 6, 2018)

6 years ago

The Weekly meeting of TOPS was held on May 25 at the Aldergate Building, Kelleran Street, Houlton.

There were eight TOPS and four KOPS members present.

The loser of the week was Diane Folsom and the runner-up was Marsha Reed. Great job, ladies. The skinny dish was won by Jean Merritt and the 50/50 was won by Millie Gagnon. Diane Folsom won the health basket.

The group made plans for the workshop in Caribou on June 2. Eight of our members intended to go.

Charlotte Marley gave a program on different ways to tie scarves. Very interesting, and we all are going to give these a try. Thank you, Charlotte, for your great program.

Diane Folsom has a contest going and this is the second week. We can earn points for different things we do each week. Thanks, Diane.