Fort Fairfield Elementary recognizes students’ growth

6 years ago

FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine — Family and friends gathered June 11 in the gymnasium of Fort Fairfield Elementary School to celebrate with students in grades K-4 at the annual year-end awards assembly.  

Teachers and administration recognized personal growth in a variety of academic or learner work habits.  Certificates and positive comments were shared in front of large crowds for the morning assembly honoring K-2, with the afternoon gathering featuring students in grades 3 and 4.

The following received awards.

Classroom Helpers:  Ava Milliard, Makenna Parady, Robert Graves, Trinity Long, Benjamin Voisine, Eden Buhro, Carson Rooney, Karmon Hitchcock, Emily Long, Michael Gagnon, Teagen Doughty, Alyssa Willette, Kaiden Nichols, Baylee Wright, Riley Michaud, Eric Helstrom, Calvin MacDougal, Saré Bernard, Jayden Corey and Isabella Jones.

Effort Awards:  Emylee Drost, Ashton Boulier, Colin Ayer, Amelia Goff, Maison Edmunds, Addie Levesque, Dani Bouchard, Sophia Sprague, Lyric Murphy, Benjamin Bing, Weston Benson, Kaitlyn Crockett, Kaleb Bouchard-Nickerson, Sheldine Condon, Gavin Gorneault, Ryan Kinney, JJ Shoopman, Kiersten Theriault, Danika Dyer, Madyson Carson-Hebert, Vivian Ralph and Madison Perry.

Mathematics:  Izabella Letarte-Suitter, Seth Cote, Gabriella Murchie, Daniel Hood, Kendall Ainsworth, Kaiden Lay, Saige Bowes, Emma Kelley, Jude Groom, Scott Parady, Mcailee Benson, Ethan Milton, Ashton Long, Aubrey Ainsworth, Ethan Willard, Graedon King-Rosado, Logan Carter and Dustin Sneddon.

Reading:  Dawson Cyr, Gracieleigh Trecartin, Kooper Guillemette, William Browning, Jayda Parlin, Ethan Kenneson, Asher Winters, Arianna Jenkins, Sarah Hadfield, Cadie Blier, Sheldine Condon, William Bossie, Dustin Sneddon, Mason Mitchell, Michael Toomey, Aubrey Ainsworth and Wyatt Beals.

Star Students:  Dominic Jenkins, Zoie Long, Simon Moirs, Emily Rooney, Hannah Cummings, Jonah LeBlanc, Joseph Jalbert, Josie Adams, Kaiden Lay, Carlee Blier, Stephen Grady, Emma Kelley, Cadie Blier, Jude Groom, Mcailee Benson, Ethan Milton, Aubrey Ainsworth, Ashton Long, Avery Butler, Makinsie Rogeski, Logan Carter and Emma Doughty.

Outstanding Students:  Lainey Rochford, Sophia Winters, Colby Browning, Annabelle Page, Kayla Hawco, Colby MacDougal, Daxon Milton, Avery Solomon, Jayda Parlin, Ethan Kenneson, Saige Bowes, Bradley Laster, Sarah Hadfield, Ethan Gorneault, Ethan Milton, Kaydence Doughty, George Solomon, Isabella Winters, Cayden Ala, Kate Paradis, Dylan Conklin and Dustin Sneddon.

Citizenship: Sophia Winters, Robert Bubar, Simon Moirs, Bailey McLaughlin, Izabella Letarte-Suitter, Solomon Griffeth, Lauren Parady, Haley McCarty, Ryder Leavitt, Halle Mathie, Asher Winters, Madison Fulton, Jack Helstrom, Kaydence Doughty, Logan Bossie, George Solomon, Isabella Winters, Dominic Woodcock, Madison Perry and Dylan Conklin

Outstanding Musicians:  Isabella Winters and Graedon King-Rosado.

Special Olympics:  Melody Hicks, Dallas Gudroe, Kaiden Czosnek, Andrew Gagnon and Sebastian Rodriguez.

Drama Awards:  Makinsie Rogeski, Logan Bossie, Cayden Ala, Isabella Winters, Sarah Hadfield, Isabella Jones, Benjamin Harris, Cadie Blier, Graedon King-Rosado, Bradley Laster, Kate Paradis and Asher Winters.