TAMC lauds employees for years of service

6 years ago

The Aroostook Medical Center President Greg LaFrancois, second from right, celebrates the hospital’s 40-year service honorees, from left: Ricky Boulier of Fort Fairfield, TAMC courier; Carla Masters of Presque Isle, pharmacy IS coordinator; and Bev McCrum of Mars Hill, a nurse in day surgery. (Courtesy of The Aroostook Medical Center)

PRESQUE  ISLE, Maine — The Aroostook Medical Center recently honored 170 employees at its 2018 Employee Service Awards ceremony.

 “Employees are the heart of the organization.  I have great respect for the entire TAMC staff and especially these incredible professionals who dedicated their lives to their community,” said Greg LaFrancois, president of TAMC. “I am proud to be part of an organization with so many dedicated individuals who care deeply for their community.”

Hospital officials presented awards to staffers reaching milestone years of service, ranging from five to 45 years.

Two employees reached 45 years of service: Donna Dean of Mapleton and Cinda Patten of Presque Isle.

Honored for reaching 40 years of service were: Ricky Boulier of Fort Fairfield, Carla Masters of Presque Isle and Bev McCrum of Mars Hill.

Two employees were honored for 35 years of service: Tammy Beaulier-Fuller of Easton and Joann Pelkey of Presque Isle.

Tammy Beaulier-Fuller of Easton (left), director of surgical and medical services, and Joann Pelkey of Presque Isle (right), manager and chief CRNA, are congratulated by Greg LaFrancois, president of The Aroostook Medical Center, for 35 years of service. (Courtesy of The Aroostook Medical Center)

Recognized for 30 years of service were:  Wanda Dyer, Lori Michaud, Frederick Parsons and Rebecca Thibodeau, all of Presque Isle; Brenda Derr and Stewart White, both of Washburn; Tracie Grew and Tonya Pinette, both of Mars Hill; and Denys Cornelio of Mapleton.

Awards for 25 years of service went to:  Paula Gallupe and Annette Lawrence, both of Blaine; Nancy Grant, Jill Lunney, Kerry Michaud, and Rattiya Pierce, all of Mars Hill; Norman Roy of Eagle Lake; and Catherine Rehill of Perth-Andover, N.B.

Twenty-year service awards went to the following, all from Presque Isle:  Sherry Beaulieu, Mindy Churchill, Dorice Clark, Rosalie Dwyer, Dr. Renee Fournier, Diane Lauritsen, and Dr. Jorge Pineiro.

Also honored for 20 years of service were:  Suzanne Buckley of Westfield; David Craig of Ashland; Deborah Corey of Washburn; Lynn Dube of Perham; Geraldine Dyer of Mars Hill; Robert Hunt and Ann Parady, both of Fort Fairfield; Dr. Stacy Jandreau of Caribou; Allyn Ladner and Debra Nicholson, both of Easton; Karen Putnam, Marcia Sturgeon, and Dr. David Weed, all of Mapleton; and Gesine Smith of Blaine.

Employees honored for 15 years of service from Presque Isle were: Megan Bouchard, Gary Clark, Sharron Collins, Rebecca Hare, Jeannie Johnson, Andrea Labier, Tammy Leach, Lindsey Michaud, Michael Michaud, Felicia Nault, Richard Tateishi, Cynthia Tewksbury, and Sam Yu.

Also celebrating 15 years with TAMC were: Michael Ball, Patricia Beals, Lona Cyr, and Tammie McLaughlin, all of Fort Fairfield; Kimberly Beil of Limestone; Nichole Bechtel and Ruth Hanson, both of Caribou; Linda Bubar of Woodland; Alicia Burby, Louanne Langley, Kimberly Lavigne, John Thyng, and Tina Weed, all of Mapleton; Douglas Charette, Toni Feltis, and Debora Tompkins, all of Easton; Pauline Cyr of Washburn; Kassandra Dominique and Melissa Pierce, both of Blaine; Myrna Long of Mars Hill; Megan Nelson and Diane Pratt, both of Chapman; Christine Raymond of Stockholm, Thomas Puzewski and Kelly Tuttle, both of Ashland; and Suzanne York of Westfield.

Employees celebrated for 30 years at The Aroostook Medical Center were, seated from left: Wanda Dyer of Presque Isle, special orders buyer; Brenda Derr of Washburn, HEIS tech; Lori Michaud of Presque Isle, staff nurse in day surgery; and Tonya Pinette of Mars Hill, clinical educator. Standing from left: Rebecca Thibodeau of Presque Isle, patient service representative; Stewart White of Washburn, staff nurse in cardiac rehab; Fred Parsons of Presque Isle, Crown crew chief; and Tracie Grew of Mars Hill, buyer/administrative assistant in pharmacy. With them is President Greg LaFrancois (center). Absent from photo: Denys Cornelio of Mapleton, EMT-paramedic. (Courtesy of The Aroostook Medical Center)

Recognized for 10 years of service from Presque Isle were:  Bradley Ala, Jenny Blackstone, Lee Cote, Shelagh Gates, Kathleen Hart, Melissa McCausland, Dr. Peter Morningstar, Cynthia Murley, Michelle Postell, Andrea Robertson, Tina Stewart, and Janel Underwood-Charette.

Also recognized for 10 years were: Mallory Archer of Washburn; Philip Amnott and Norman McPherson, both of Mars Hill; Dr. Osama Aziz, Nancy Michaud, and Vicki Smith, all of Caribou; Paula Bacon of Sinclair; Joline Beckwith of Fort Fairfield; Lori Bouchard and Adam Mendoza, both of Washburn; Misty Brazier and Dr. Carl Harris, both of Castle Hill; Randi Brewer, Mary Page, Colleen Plourde, and Holly Skidgel, all of Easton; Tonya Gardner of Mapleton; Janna Garreans of Westfield; Dr. Peter Goth of Bremen; and Dora Pelkey of Carlingford, NB.

TAMC’s five-year service award recipients from Presque Isle were:  Ruth Barcelo-Rubio, Amanda Beaulieu, Vi Belanger, Jerry Corriveau, Stephen Davis, Samantha Donnelly, Lisa Donovan, Brandy Downer, Ashlee Duff, Anthony Dufour, Lloyd Dyer, Brittany Garand, Karen Gonya, Matthew Harris, Chelsea Holmes, Christopher Jackson, Sun Mi Kim, Heather King, Laura King, Jeffrey Kiser, Cassie Pelletier, Brittany Postell, Lindsey Rockwell, Janice Scott and Vicky Wolfe.

Honored for 25 years of service were, seated from left, Catherine Rehill of Perth-Andover, NB, staff nurse in the emergency department; Rattiya Pierce of Mars Hill, food service worker at the Aroostook Health Center; and Annette Lawrence of Blaine, a nurse at the Mars Hill Health Center. Standing from left: Kerry Michaud of Mars Hill, nurse at Aroostook Pediatrics; and Nancy Grant of Mars Hill, food service worker at AHC. With them is President Greg LaFrancois (center). Absent from photo: Paula Gallupe of Blaine, environmental specialist at AHC; Jill Lunney of Mars Hill, certified nursing assistant at AHC; and Norman Roy of Eagle Lake, patient advocate. (Courtesy of The Aroostook Medical Center)

Also honored for five years of service were: Wendi Ashby, Lauren Mahaney-Faulkner and Jenna Shaw, all of Mars Hill; Debra Bard and Kayla Buck, both of Mapleton; Shannon Beaulier and Stephen Budreau, both of Easton; Ashley Belmain of Washburn; Jenna Bradbury of Bridgewater; Christine Brewer, Tamatha LaPointe, and Tammy McKenzie, all of Blaine; CarolAnn Cain, Paula Daigle, Ashley Guerrette, Monica Hopkins, Adam Huston, and Arthur Pimental, all of Caribou; Sarah Catron of Limestone; Ann Chasse of Ashland; Lacy Collin, Chelsea McEwen, Bridget McIntosh, Pamela Record, and Laurie Shackett, all of Perham; and Rachel Emery, Tabatha Wheeler, and Arlene Wright, all of Fort Fairfield.

To help celebrate the occasion and add fun to the evening, members of TAMC’s executive leadership team and their support staff donned costumes and became characters in a mystery dinner theatre.

Submitted by the Communications Office of The Aroostook Medical Center.