Mapleton School Staffer Retires

6 years ago

At SAD 1’s board meeting June 20, a well-known Mapleton Elementary School staff member earned recognition upon her retirement.  

Ann Garland, school secretary, retired after 35 years in the school district — the longest-serving retiree. As part of the ceremony, Mapleton Elementary School Principal, Dan Duprey, cited Mrs. Garland for her efficient and supportive work to everyone at the school, especially the school’s children.

Six other teachers and staff also retired and received recognition.  Retiree Carol James was a secretary and also worked at the bus garage.  She had been a long-time secretary at Cunningham Middle School. Bob Gagnon, SAD 1 operations supervisor, thanked her for helping organize and smooth district operations.  She leaves after 33 Years in SAD 1.

On June 20, 2018, SAD 1 recognized retirees representing 146 years of employment in the district and 219 years in total in education. Retirees include, from left, Graydon McCrum, part-time bus driver, 10 years with SAD 1; Paul Peterson, bus driver, 13 years; Carol James, secretary, 33 years; Michael Tardif, guidance counselor, 23 years in SAD 1 and 44 total; Denise Bosse, director of special education, 3 years in SAD 1 and 43 total; Candace Junkins, special education consulting teacher, 29 years in SAD 1 and 41 total; and Ann Garland, secretary at Mapleton Elementary, 35 years. (Photo courtesy of Terry Sandusky)

Candace Junkins , special  education consulting teacher, leaves with 29 years with SAD 1 and 12 years in other special education teaching for a total 41 years in education.  Denise Bosse, special education director, commended Junkins’ commitment and steadfastness to district’s special education services.

Tim Prescott, Presque Isle Regional and Technical Center director, and Ben Greenlaw, PIHS principal, each praised the professionalism and work of retiring Guidance Counselor Michael Tardiff, who worked for both programs.   He retires after 23 years in SAD 1 and 21 additional years in other school districts.

Among the retirees were two district bus drivers: Graydon MCcrum and Paul Peterson.  McCrum drove for 10 years while Peterson drove for 13 years. Gagnon described both drivers’ excellent work and safety record while employed by the district.

Superintendent Brian Carpenter led the recognition of Denise Bosse, who retires as director of special education. He cited her knowledge and work to run one of the most complicated programs in the district.  Though only with SAD 1 for 3 years, she was employed in other school districts for an additional 40 years.

Lucy Richard, school board chair, presented each with a plaque recognizing their years of service and a gift certificate to the school farm.  She thanked each for their work alongside the board and the other teachers and staff of the district.

Balloon Fest Preparations

Today, July 11, is the 44th day prior to the start of the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest sponsored by the Mapleton Lions Club.  This will be the festival’s 15th year, and 15 balloons have committed to attend. The COMBF is scheduled for August 23-26, 2018, at the Northern Maine Fairgrounds.  

There will six scheduled flights along with two night time balloon glows.  Many craft and food vendors will be present, and on Saturday, Aug. 25, there will be the Meet the Pilot and Crew Breakfast to be hosted by the Chapman Snowmobile Ridge Runners Club at their clubhouse in Chapman.  

A closing breakfast will be held on Sunday morning, Aug. 26, at the Masonic Lodge, put on by the Order of the Eastern Star.

A new COMBF feature is being added this year: online flight reservations for the six scheduled flights.  The Crown of Maine Balloon Fest is now taking reservations. To place your reservation, go to:

The Mapleton Lions Club encourages everyone to come and enjoy the balloons as they fly from the Northern Maine Fairgrounds.  While at the COMBF, remember to visit the Mapleton Lions Club’s food booth for the best burger and fries in town.

Beat the Heat

By now everyone has felt the heat of summer.  Just in case you would like to beat the heat, do remember the Mapleton Pool is open.  Free swim is Monday through Friday, 2 to 6:45 p.m. It is also open on Saturday and Sunday,  1 to 4:45 p.m. Everyone is invited to enjoy the summer pool experience and beat the heat.
Terry Sandusky is the Star-Herald correspondent for Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill and can be reached at 764-4916 or at