TOPS – week of July 11, 2018

6 years ago

The Houlton Chapter of TOPS met Friday, June 29. There were 10 TOPS and four KOPS members present.

The loser of the week was Diane Folsom and the runner-up was Barbara Troy. Great job, ladies. Diane Folsom won the 50/50 and the skinny dish was held over until next week. The health basket was won by Pam Richardson.

The program was a discussion on “What support means to me.” We are here to support and help each other. we talked about what could make our chapter more supportive.

Many suggestions were offered, including recognition of our accomplishment, which was number one, and also cheers and one-on-one support. Phone calls and emails were also important. High on our list was recognition for our KOPS members. They have worked hard to get to their goal weight and they have given us great incentives to work toward that KOPS status. Thanks all four of you for being here for us.

Barbara Grant read a story on “Ode To A Clothes Line.” Do you remember hanging clothes outside? The clothesline told our stories. When diapers appeared, “Oh, the neighbors have a new baby. Dresses or pants? Aha! Girl or boy.” Pretty sheets meant family or friends from away visiting, and no clothes on the line Monday or Tuesday meant vacation.

The clothesline was a neighborly way to keep in touch. Now we have dryers? A bit more of the “old-style ” life gone. Thank you, Barbara, for the reminiscing.

We meet every Friday at Kelleran Street, Houlton. We always welcome new members. For more information call Pam Richardson at 538-8760.