County officials join FCC advisory group

6 years ago

AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine — Aroostook County Commissioner Paul J. Adams and Ryan D. Pelletier, county administrator, have been appointed as a member and designee, respectively, to the Federal Communications Commission’s Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC).  

IAC membership  is comprised of various elected officials who may choose to designate an appointed employee to serve on their behalf, provided they submit a designation letter with the nomination that is accepted by the chairman of the commission. Adams chose to designate Pelletier in this capacity.

“I am looking forward to my service on the IAC during the term of the appointment and being able to provide a perspective of county and local government from a rural state regarding issues being discussed by the FCC,” Pelletier said.

The mission of the IAC is to advise the FCC on the many telecommunications issues affecting local, county, state and tribal governments that are within the jurisdiction of the FCC.  The duties of the committee may include providing guidance to the commission, gathering data and information, aiding the agency on outreach when needed, and performing those analyses the Commission deems necessary to respond to the questions or matters before it.

Pelletier said his personal goals are to see greater broadband and cell service coverage in rural America. For more information about the IAC, please visit