98 compete in seniors tourney at Va Jo Wa

6 years ago

ISLAND FALLS, Maine — A field of 98 golfers participated in the sixth annual Upper St. John Valley Seniors men’s tournament, held at VaJoWa Country Club, Wednesday, Aug. 22. A light mist fell throughout the day and play was completed before the heavy rain began.

The top three gross and net scorers from each of the six divisions are as follows:

Division A: first gross, Warren Walker, VaJoWa, 74; first net, Clay Halliday, VaJoWa, 71; second gross, Jerry York, Houlton, 78; second net, Nelson Bouchard, Fort Kent, 71; third gross, Gary Greene, Hartland, 79; and third net, Allan Hebert, Long Lake, 77.

Division B: first gross, Ersul Cronkite, Woodstock, 83; first net, Everette Parker, Hartland, 73; second gross, David Grant, Houlton, 83; second net, Gary Stewart, Woodstock, 76; third gross, Norval Sappier, Aroostook Valley, 86; and third net, Peter Curley, Hartland, 77.

Division C: first gross, Bernard Clavelle, Grand Falls, 82; first net, Larry Beaulieu, Long Lake, 76; second gross, Ken Jones, Hartland, 90; second net, Mike Glew, Long Lake, 77; third gross, Gerald Dube, Grand Falls, 92; and third net, Dan Fournier, Grand Falls, 79.

Division D: first gross, Jon Tait, Woodstock, 86; first net, Tom Ryan, VaJoWa, 74; second gross, Roy Layte, Hartland, 92; second net, Jeff Poirier, Portage, 74; third gross, Bill Casavant, Presque Isle, 93; and third net, Pat Kelley, Portage, 78.

Division E: first gross, Dave Scullion, Portage, 96; first net, Scottie Flannery, Houlton, 77; second gross, Percy Thibeault, Long Lake, 101; second net, Gary Plourde, Long Lake, 81; third gross, Phil Desmond, VaJoWa, 102; and third net, Joseph Staples, Hartland, 82.

Division F: first gross, Brent Kelley, VaJoWa, 101; first net, Elwood Doody, Caribou, 81; second gross, Peter Blood, VaJoWa, 106; second net, Scott Collins, Fort Kent, 84; third gross, Mike Fitzgerald, Caribou, 108; third net, Ralph Powers, VaJoWa, 84.

The final tournament of the year will be held at Presque Isle Country Club on Sept. 5.