Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine endorses Moody

6 years ago

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AUGUSTA, Maine — Today [Sept. 10], the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine announced that the organization is enthusiastically supporting Shawn Moody for governor of Maine.

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine is Maine’s largest sportsman’s organization.

“I am thrilled and humbled to have the support of sportsmen and women across Maine,” said Shawn Moody. “I am deeply grateful to the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine for placing their trust in me as Maine’s next Governor. Maine has a strong outdoor heritage and we must fight to promote and protect it along with our second amendment.”

“There are thousands of peaceful, law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen in the State of Maine. Unlike Janet Mills, Shawn Moody will fight tirelessly to ensure their freedoms are protected,” said Moody Campaign Manager Lauren LePage.

“Janet Mills received an F rating from the NRA. Over the past few months, Janet Mills has attacked the NRA, and in turn attacked Maine’s sportsmen and women. It is clear that Janet Mills will make every effort to restrict the freedoms that define Maine’s outdoor heritage. Shawn Moody has committed to keeping Maine, Maine,” added Lauren LePage.