Company gifts Aroostook EMA with emergency water

5 years ago

AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine — The Aroostook Emergency Management Agency continues to do what it can to ensure personnel and resources are as ready as they can be in case of spring flooding, and a Maine company boosted preparations by sending a couple of trucks to The County.

“We submitted a request for assistance to Maine Emergency Management, who immediately contacted Poland Spring,” said Darren Woods, Aroostook EMA director.

“The request for water is one of many efforts that we are taking to ensure we have the proper assets locally should we need them,” he said. “Poland Spring was eager to provide us with the water we need and even offered to deliver it.”

The spring water giant made good on its promise, sending two truckloads of bottled water to Presque Isle, where Dixie Shaw of Catholic Charities Hunger and Relief Services was waiting.

Woods stated that Shaw and Catholic Charities offered to help with warehousing and staging.    

“Thanks to the generosity of Poland Spring, we will have critical drinking water locally should flooding occur,” Woods said.

But if flooding does not occur, the resource will not go to waste.  

“If we don’t (hopefully) need the water for flooded areas, we will donate it to firefighters throughout The County for the wildfire season,” he added.

EMA continues to emphasize the need for residents to be prepared both at home and at work.  

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact their local town office or the ACEMA for more information, or visit the Facebook pages for EMA and/or Aroostook County Flood Watch.