United Parish Church boosts local fuel funds

5 years ago

FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine — The United Parish Church in Fort Fairfield recently contributed over $1,600 to the Emergency Fuel Assistance fund administered by the Aroostook County Action Program, which provides assistance to income-eligible households for emergency fuel delivery.

“In 2016, church leadership took the leap of faith to begin tithing on our monthly offerings to Christ’s work in the world. It’s amazing what a small group of faithful people can accomplish when they look beyond themselves,” said Pastor Meg Hegemann.  

Tithing is the scriptural practice of setting aside 10 percent of income for a holy purpose.  

Board President Mary Finnemore said, “Toward the end of 2018, we set aside our tithe for fuel assistance within our congregation but didn’t have any requests. Now we have some catching up to do to remain faithful to our pledge to tithe. Donating these funds to ACAP on such a long, hard winter just seemed like the right thing to do.”

Call ACAP at 768-3053 for help.