Caribou area From Our Files – Week of April 17, 2019

5 years ago

115 Years Ago – April 20,  1904

Warm weather The recent warm weather and heavy rains of Saturday and Sunday have caused the water in the streams to rise perceptibly. The bridge on the Washburn Road is reported to be in danger from the great accumulation of ice. Owing it to the severe cold winter, the ice has frozen to a depth of probably six feet.

To resign — Thomas Hale expects to resign his position in the Caribou National Bank and will accompany G.F. Reynolds and Roland Sutherland to Alaska next month.

100 Years Ago – April 23, 1919

Headline Headline in daily papers of Monday: “Peace Treaty Ready by Easter.” And the next holiday in this country will be Memorial Day, thus giving another opportunity for changing the date.

New Store — Olof T. Pierson is on a trip to the Boston and New York markets, purchasing stock of men’s and boys’ clothing for his new store to be opened about May 1.

75 Years Ago – April 20, 1944

Power Saw — Portable power saws, used in falling and bucking saw timber, veneer logs and pulpwood, will be demonstrated by representatives of companies manufacturing the new labor savings machines at the Plunkett & Webster Co. mill near Knowles Corner Saturday, April 29, at 10 a.m., according to H.E. Adams, Project Forester of the Timber Production War Project in Caribou.

Tin Can Payments — More than six hundred fifty dollars has been paid in the past few weeks to small communities for varying quantities of tin cans contributed to make up carload shipments of prepared cans sent to detinning plants, the Maine Salvage Committee announced. Of this amount, salvage committees  in Aroostook County received the sum of $80.00 as their share of the payments.

50 Years Ago – April 23, 1969

MCB survey  — With more than 700 Community Betterment Survey answers tabulated, the MCB Committee of the Chamber of Commerce says that “ it appears definite the majority of Caribou citizens are in favor of Urban Renewal. Many individuals, in completing the survey forms distributed to local homes, commented that “it is about time Caribou took measures to modernize and advance economically” through an Urban Renewal program, the chamber committee  reported.

Cancel Square Dance Caribou Hoofers Square Dance group is cancelling its dance this Saturday because the Square Dance Convention being held in Portland April 25-26. Several members are planning to attend.  The next dance will be held Saturday, May 10, with a special supper and dance, starting at 8 p.m. at the Caribou Intermediate School. Callers will be Ray and Ann Little.

25 Years Ago – April 20,1994

Magnet school — The newly created “magnet” school  for Limestone could make northern Maine a center for mathematics and science that would benefit education and business. That’s what Limestone School Superintendent James Morse said Thursday. The Legislature last week authorized the Maine School of Science and Mathematics and funded it with $320,000 to be used for building renovation, faculty and student attraction and a match for federal dollars.

ADA renovations The Americans with Disabilities Awareness Committee of the Caribou Chamber of Commerce recently reviewed renovations completed to make the city more accessible to people with disabilities. City Manager Richard C. Mattila said other renovations in the city include the public library, Lions Community Center, Sweden Street sidewalks, city parking lots, and telephone devices for the deaf at the police and fire departments.