Career exploration program replaces Survivor Aroostook

5 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Northern Light AR Gould Hospital has announced a new Aroostook career exploration program which will provide local students the opportunity to learn more about potential health-related careers throughout their high school experience.  

This program replaces the Survivor Aroostook camp, a one-week summer camp the hospital had offered for several years.  

According to Daryl Boucher, vice president of nursing at AR Gould Hospital, the goal of the multi-year program is to give students more in-depth opportunities and the hospital more of an ongoing connection with participants.  

The new program is based on a wide range of healthcare careers.  When people consider careers in healthcare, they most often think of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, imaging technicians or lab workers, but hospitals also employ accountants, financial counselors, housekeepers, cooks, administrative assistants, engineers, experts in the trades and so much more, Boucher said.

This program will have sessions three times a year, as well as volunteer and job shadow opportunities between sessions.  Students will take part in hands-on projects, earn CPR and first aid certification, and even get assistance with college and career readiness preparation.

Sessions will be held at AR Gould Hospital in Presque Isle and potentially expand to southern and northern Aroostook for the added convenience of students from those regions.  Like Survivor Aroostook, the new career exploration program includes key partnerships with area businesses and schools.

The first session gets underway in August, and more details and registration information will be coming out soon.  For this first year, the hospital is offering both a freshman track and a track for those in grades 10-12 so that they can take advantage of the experience as well.  The cost is only $25 a year per person.

AR Gould Hospital will provide college scholarships to those who successfully complete the Aroostook Career Exploration program.  Those who enter as a freshman and complete the program requirements will be eligible for up to a $1000 college scholarship. Scholarships will be funded with donations from the medical staff, the leadership team and other staff, and the Northern Light AR Gould Foundation.

“Students will get a real feel for whether or not the careers they are exploring are right for them and get the chance to network with professionals who work in these careers every day. They will see the technology being used, hear about emerging trends, and learn what it takes to get into college in that specific career,” said Boucher.  

Boucher added that students and parents should be on the lookout soon for more details on curriculum and registration.

“Because we have gotten a lot of calls about Survivor Aroostook, we just wanted to make sure people knew it is not happening this year, but plans are in the works for something even bigger and better,” he said.

Submitted by the Communications Office of Northern Light AR Gould Hospital.