Northern Maine Community College nursing class of 2019 receives pins

5 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — “With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care,” recited Northern Maine Community College senior nursing students as part of the Nightingale Pledge at the annual nursing pinning ceremony on May 10.

Twenty-nine nursing graduates were joined by family, friends, faculty and staff to witness this important milestone which signifies the official entrance into the nursing field for members of the graduating class.

“Today you join a profession that has been named the most trusted profession for 17 consecutive years,” said instructor Susan Beahm, RN, MSN, Ed.

Beahm explained the symbolism of the nursing pin itself: “The pin marks the symbolic welcome into the nursing profession. It identifies you as a nurse and acts as proof of your education.”  

Each nurse also held a candle lamp, “The lamp commemorates Florence Nightingale’s history of helping wounded soldiers at night by candlelight,” Beahm said. “Nursing is the most profound and rewarding career you could ever desire.”

In addition to celebrating the nurses who studied at the Presque Isle campus, NMCC President Timothy Crowley also acknowledged the cohort from Calais.

“We created this program to respond to the nursing shortage across the state,” Crowley explained. The Calais cohort resulted from a special project funded by Maine Community College System’s Bring College to ME program which graduated seven students in 2019.

Angela Buck, RN, MSN, FNP-C and department chair for nursing and allied health, encouraged the nursing graduates to stand and applaud their family and friends who showed support during their countless hours of study and dedication.

“All of these graduates sitting here are students who have children, mortgages, rent to pay, spouses, ill family members who need tending to, bills, loans, debts, and full- or part-time jobs,” Buck explained.

“Having been there myself, I understand how much concentration and dedication it takes to push ahead — even when the studying and exams seem to never stop,” she said. “The fact that you’re graduating, ready to become licensed professionals is an amazing accomplishment deserving of much praise and recognition.”

The 2019 student speaker was Janelle Pottle, who also received this year’s Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for the nursing program. Pottle congratulated classmates, thanked instructors and recognized how far the class came.

During the awarding of pins, students received their pins from special people in their lives who supported them throughout their time at NMCC.

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Submitted by the Development and College Relations Office of Northern Maine Community College.