Katahdin High School presents annual scholarships

4 years ago

STACYVILLE, Maine — Katahdin High School held its senior awards night on June 8 and presented various awards and scholarships to its graduating seniors.

The awards presented, along with the students who received them, follow.

Associated Builders and Contractors of Maine, $1,000, Madison Landry.

Association Scholarship, $500, Jordyn Ritchie.

Award of Appreciation Trophy, Josie Brownlee.

Dr. Ron Blum, $250, Erin Lake.

Bowers Funeral Home, $100, Anthony Chaloux.

Melvin P. Craig Jr. Memorial Scholarship, $500, Erin Lake; $500 , Lindsay Drew.

Amy Curtis Scholarship Fund, $100, Victoria Morales.

Christopher Curtis Memorial Scholarship, $500, John McNally

Calvin Desrosier Memorial Scholarship, $100, Lauren Somers

Bobby Duffy Athlete Scholarship , $100, John McNally

Bob Dyer Educational Scholarship, $500, Erin Lake.

Embark Scholarship, $500/two semesters, Madison Landry; $500/two semesters, John McNally.

Eastmill Credit Union Scholarship, $500, Eryca McGraw ; $500, Madison Landry.

Ellis Family Market, $100, Emerald McNutt.

Phil Faulkner Athletic Scholarship, $100, Erin Lake.

The Grammie Elthea Scholarship, $200, Anthony Chalous, Dustin J. Harris; $500, Madison Landry.

Kevin Hunt Memorial Scholarship, $200, Haley Landry.

Houlton Regional Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship, $500, Hannah Kyllonen; $500, Josie Brownlee.

Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce, $500, Natalie Rickards.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union Scholarship, $500, John McNally; $500, Lindsay Drew; $500, Hannah Kyllonen.

Katahdin Chamber of Commerce, Josie Brownlee.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union military thank you gift card, Evan Tapley.

Katahdin Area Boosters Club Scholarship, $250, John McNally; $250, Madison Landry; $250, Josie Brownlee; $250, Hannah Kyllonen.

Katahdin Middle and High School Scholarship, $500, Ahren Harrison.

Katahdin Valley Health Center Employee Fund, $200, Josie Brownlee; $250, Hannah Kyllonen; $200, Evan Tapley.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship, $100, Celina Bechard; $100, John McNally.

Mike Marquis Mechanical Inc., $300, Eden Moody.

Mattie Morrison Lockett Scholarship Fund, $245, Celina Bechard; $245, Hannah Kyllonen; $245, Madison Landry; $245, Lauren Somers.

Maine Blue Collar Scholarship Foundation, $1,000, John McNally; $2,500, Madison Landry.

Maine Masonic Scholarship Katahdin Lodge, $300 , John McNally; Molunkus Lodge, $300, Erin Lake.

Maine Principal’s Association Award, plaque, John McNally.

Maine Principal’s Melmac Scholarship, $2,000, Erin Lake.

May Mountain Ski Association Scholarship, $100, Erin Lake.

Emma V. Milliken Memorial Hospital Scholarship, $500, Jordyn Ritchie.

Millinocket Regional Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship, $500, Josie Brownlee.

Millinocket Regional Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship, $500, Hannah Kyllonen.

Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship, $2,000 per year, John McNally.

Molunkus Valley Chapter 95 Order of Eastern Star, $100 , John McNally.

Most Improved Student, trophy, Abigail Jordan.

Ricker Scholarship, $1,500/four years, Alyssa Barylski.

Patten Academy Scholarship, $600, Josie Brownlee; $600, Anthony Chaloux; $600, Lindsay Drew; $600, Aaron Harrrison; $600, Madison Landry; $600, John McNally.

Patten Drug Scholarship, $250, Hannah Kyllonen; $250, Josie Brownlee.

Patten Woman’s Club Scholarship, $500, Lindsay Drew.

Qualey Family Trades Scholarship, $1,000, Madison Landry.

Lawrence and Geneva Robinson Scholarship, $380, Eden Moody-Kay; $380, Anthony Chaloux; $380, Alexis Lane; $380, Celina Bechard; $380, Lauren Somers.

School Citizenship Award, trophy, Lindsay Drew; trophy, Alyssa Barylski.

School Spirit Award, trophy, Lauren Somers.

School Service, trophy, Haley Landry.

Shampooches Grooming Salon Scholarship, $500, Eryca McGraw.

Sherman High School Alumni Scholarship, Hannah Kyllonen, Lindsay Drew, Alyssa Barylski, Alexis Lane, Madison Landry.

Roger Sirois Scholarship, $100, Alexis Lane.

Southern Aroostook Trappers Chapter Scholarship, $100, Evan Tapley; $100, Ahren Harrison.

Sportsman of the Year, trophy, John McNally.

Sportswoman of the Year, trophy, Hannah Kyllonen.

Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church, $100, John McNally.

Washburn Memorial Church, $150, Victoria Heath

Honor Students

Valedictorian: John McNally.

Salutatorian: Alyssa Barylski

Honor Students: Anthony Chaloux, Lindsay Drew, Abigail Jordan, Hannah Kyllonen, Erin Lake, Haley Landry, Madison Landry, Alexis Lane, Eden Moody, Guy Rogan, Lauren Somers, Evan Tapley, Paul Young.