Fort Fairfield promotes 44 to middle school

4 years ago

FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine — Family and friends gathered recently at Fort Fairfield Elementary School to recognize the fifth-grade class as they concluded the elementary portion of their education.  

The ceremony started with a slide show which captured special moments for the class throughout the school year.  This was followed by the presentation of certificates and awards by the staff to acknowledge the growth of students in the following areas.

Mathematics:  Charlie Griffeth, Cayden Ala and George Solomon.

Reading:  Melanie Gagnon, Cayden Ala and Aubrey Ainsworth.

Language Arts:  Mollie Crane, Ashton Long and Anne Collins.

Science:  Tayden Moore, George Solomon and Emma Doughty.

Social Studies:  Mason Mitchell, Kate Paradis, Aubrey Ainsworth.

Most Improved:  Eric Helstrom, Anne Collins and Dominic Woodcock.

Art:  Kiana Puig, Dustin Sneddon, Isabella Winters, Ashton Long, Madison Perry and Ethan Willard.

Classroom Music:  Anne Collins, George Solomon, Aubrey Ainsworth, Dominic Woodcock, Madison Perry and Dylan Conklin.

Band Achievement: Graedon King-Rosado, Emma Doughty and Mollie Crane.

Sportsmanship:  Sare’  Bernard, Madison Perry, Eric Helstrom, Aubrey Ainsworth, Isabella Winters, Cayden Ala, Logan Carter, Kate Paradis and George Solomon.

Citizenship:  Madison Perry, George Solomon and Isabella Jones.

Effort Awards: Ethan Willard, Melanie Gagnon and Isabella Winters.

Academic Excellence:  Avery Butler, Aubrey Ainsworth and Dustin Sneddon.

Outstanding Student:  Dylan Conklin, Kate Paradis and Logan Carter.

Stock Market:  George Solomon and Graedon King-Rosado.

Special Olympics:  Sebastian Rodriguez.

Perfect Attendance:  Aubrey Ainsworth, Emma Doughty and Makinsie Rogeski.

Good Kid Award:  Michael Toomey, Vivian Ralph and Noah Belmain.

Principal’s Award:  Jayden Corey, Ashton Long, Noah Belmain, Tayden Moore and Wyatt Beals.

Presidential Academic Achievement:  Wyatt Beals, Avery Butler, Logan Carter, Emma Doughty, Charlie Griffeth, Mason Mitchell, George Solomon, Isabella Winters.

Presidential Academic Excellence:  Aubrey Ainsworth, Cayden Ala, Graedon King-Rosado, Ashton Long and Kate Paradis.

Certificates of Promotion were presented to the Class of 2026 to mark the end of their elementary career.   Members of the class are:   Aubrey Ainsworth, Cayden Ala, Wyatt Beals, Noah Belmain, Saré Bernard, Avery Butler, Logan Carter, Madyson Carson-Hebert, Anne Collins, Dylan Conklin, Jayden Corey, Mollie Crane, Dakota Doody, Emma Doughty, Danika Dyer, Melanie Gagnon, Peter Graves, Charlie Griffeth, Haidin Hardy, Eric Helstrom, Isabella Jones, Graedon King-Rosado, Ashton Long, Calvin MacDougal, Riley Michaud, Mason Mitchell, Tayden Moore, Kate Paradis, Blake Perkins, Madison Perry, Ava Powers, Kiana Puig, Vivian Ralph, Sabastian Rodriguez, Isaac Rodriguez, Makinsie Rogeski, Livia Sawyer, Dustin Sneddon, George Solomon, Kiersten Theriault, Michael Toomey, Ethan Willard, Bella Winters and Dominic Woodcock.