Easton students earn recognition

4 years ago

EASTON, Maine — Easton High School seniors celebrated the end of their high school careers with several graduation festivities, announced school officials.


The local clergy conducted baccalaureate services at Easton Jr/Sr High School on Sunday, June 2.

Participating Pastors were Pastor Tony Stevens from the Easton Wesleyan Church, Pastors Granvill and Janice Lamb with the New Song Church, Pastor Carlos DaCruz from the Pine Tree Baptist Church, Pastor Spencer Hawbaker of the Easton Pentecostal Church and Pastor Gregory Jackson of the United Baptist Church.  Pastor Carlos DaCruz gave the Baccalaureate address.

Class night

Class night was held at Easton Jr/Sr High School on Wednesday, June 5. Senior marshals Olivia Lamoreau and Shelliese Mullen escorted all four classes into the gymnasium.  Accompanist Pamela Kinsey provided the “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Class President remarks were made by Maggee Currie (Class of ‘22), Paul Bonner (Class of ‘21), and Kassidi Hanson (Class of ‘20).

Isaac Currier and Shelliese Mullen gave class gifts.  Hunter Dudley and Olivia Lamoreau presented the Class History.  

The faculty and staff made presentations to students who achieved the highest level of proficiency across the curriculum.  Mrs. Pamela Kinsey presented a First Year Lyre Pin was presented to Lydia Ferris. The Band Award went to Nathan Quint. The Chorus award was presented to Benjamin Pelkey and the Jazz Choir Award was presented to Emma Lamoreau. 

Miss Kolby Koch presented the Grade 9 Composition award to Emma Lamoreau and Lacey O’Mara and 11/12 English to Abigail Dionne.

Mrs. Sue Cartier Barrett presented the following students with Wellness Team awards:  Wilder Mitchell, Olivia Lamoreau, Shelliese Mullen, Emily Thompson and Christopher Busse and Alexis Pelkey.

Mr. Darren West presented Social Studies Awards to Colton Harding for College U.S. History II, Kaden Arnett and Ethan Thibeault for World History, Kaitlyn Hurley for College U.S. History I, Joshua Rooney for 21st Century Issues, Ethan Thibeault and Kaden Arnett for World History and Shelliese Mullen for Tech Prep U.S. History II.  The Online Learning Awards were presented to Colton Harding and Joshua Rooney. Joshua Rooney received the American Government award and Joshua Rooney was awarded the Street Law Pin.  He also recognized the following members of the Student Council with certificates:  Isaac Currier (President), Carson Flewelling (Vice President), Shelliese Mullen (Secretary), Kooper Kinney (Treasurer), Austin Thibeault, Seth Faloon, Kyle Flewelling, Mitchell Flewelling, Paul Bonner, Emma Lamoreau, Zacharey Mills and Maggee Currie.

Mr. Paul Sutherland presented Math Awards to Kaden Arnett for Algebra I, Rachel Wipperman for Geometry, Kaitlyn Hurley for Algebra II, Colton Harding for Advanced Math, Kassidi Hanson for Physics and Kaitlyn Hurley for Math Team. 

Ms. Jane Hutchison presented the Art awards.  The Art I award was presented to Holden Stoutamyer. Art II was awarded to Lila McCrum.

Mr. Bryan Wright presented the following Science Awards:  Earth Science to Kaitlyn Hurley, Tech Prep Chemistry to Riley Caron and Human Biology to Colton Harding.  The Algebra 1B award was presented to Madison Bubar. He also presented one Computer Application award to Joshua Rooney.    

Mr. Julio Morin awarded pins to the following Spanish students; Spanish I – Kaden Arnett, Spanish II- Rachel Wipperman, Spanish III – Kassidi Hanson, Spanish IV- Emily Thompson and the Desktop Publishing award went to Joshua Rooney.  Olivia Lamoreau was recognized for work at the 2019 Yearbook Editor and Logan Bernier was awarded a pin for Intro to Spanish. Finally, Micah St. Jean was awarded a certificate for Spanish I Honorable Mention.

Mr. Bryan Shaw presented Physical Education – “All Around Athlete Awards” to Freshmen Emma Lamoreau and Sophomore PE Joshua Rooney.  The Health Award was presented to Maggee Currie and Colton Harding received the Lifetime Sports Award.

Mrs. Smith awarded the English I pin to Kaden Arnett and English II to Kaitlyn Hurley.  The British Literature awards were presented to Colton Harding and Cecilia Morin.    

Mrs. Ellen Trask presented the College Biology award to Kaitlyn Hurley.  Colton Harding was the recipient of the Environmental Studies Award. Rachel Wipperman received the Tech Prep Biology Award.  Mrs. Trask also handed out certificates to the Envirothon Teams. Team 1 received 2nd Place at the Regional Competition and those team members were Colton Harding, Alexis Pelkey, Cecilia Morin Austin Thibeault and Matthew Pangburn.  Team 2 received 1st Place in Current Issue and those team members were Jenna Cochran, Nickie Deschaine, Grace Flewelling and Logan Bernier.

FFA Advisor Kevin Marquis presented the following Maine State FFA awards;  Dairy Team 2nd Place members Kassidy Brewer, Maggee Currie, Emma Lamoreau and Ben Pelkey.  Maggee Currie placed 4th overall in the Maine State Dairy Competition.  Environment and Natural Resources 1st Place members Malcolm McDougall, Cecilia Morin, Alexis Pelkey and Austin Thibeault.  Austin Thibeault placed 5th, Cecilia Morin placed 3rd overall and Alexis Pelkey placed 2nd overall in the Maine State Environment and Natural Resources Competition.  The Forestry team members placed 3rd overall and those members were Malcolm McDougall, Cecilia Morin, Noah Rooney and Austin Thibeault.  The Nursery Landscape team placed 2nd overall and members were Ian Bubar, Chris Busse, Zach Mills and Shelliese Mullen.  Chris Busse placed 6th, Zach Mills placed 5th and Shelliese Mullen placed 4th overall in the Maine State Nursery Landscape Competition.  State Degrees were awarded to Chris Busse, Shelliese Mullen and Alexis Pelkey.  The Washington Leadership Conference $1000 Scholarship winners were Zach Mills and Ben Pelkey.  Alexis Pelkey was honored with the Maine State Outstanding Chapter Officer of the Year award.  

Principal Mark Stanley recognized the Easton FFA Advisor Kevin Marquis for being awarded the Maine State FFA Advisor of the Year Award.  He also presented the Maine Principals’ Award to Isaac Currier and the Maine State Legislature official expression of sentiment to Salutatorian Isaac Wipperman and Valedictorian Joshua Rooney.  The U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award was presented to Joshua Rooney and the U.S. Marine Corps Athletic Excellence Award was presented to Isaac Currier. The Phi Beta Kappa Maine Academic Achievement Award went to Colton Harding.  The Maine State FFA Chapter Officer of the Year award was presented to Alexis Pelkey. The Willis A. McPherson Award was presented to Wilder Mitchell and Isaac Currier received the Outstanding School Citizen Award.