In the City – Be safe in summer’s heat

5 years ago

Summer is finally here — no school, vacation, and a very high heat index. The Presque Isle Police Department offers a reminder of some summer safety tips.

DOUBLE CHECK – your vehicle for children in the backseat. The heat can skyrocket into triple digits quickly in a car, even when there is no sun shining.  The heat indexes we’ve had will boost the temperatures just as quickly, and this could be deadly to children left in your car — and your ice cream.

BE NEIGHBORLY – to those around you who may be elderly or cannot get out

on their own. Check on them to be sure they are staying cool.

BE PET FRIENDLY – Remember, your fur babies need to stay hydrated and cool as well.  Don’t leave them in a hot car. Just as with people, pets could die from heat exhaustion if they are left in hot cars. 

DRINK, DRINK, DRINK – lots of water to rehydrate, especially during physical activity or celebrations.  Remember alcohol does not, necessarily, hydrate you and it diminishes your decision-making skills, so please, celebrate responsibly.

DO IT UP RIGHT – Please remember, by the time you’d need them in an emergency, is too late to try to don your safety equipment.  Please remember to buckle seat belts while in a car, wear your life vests on the water, and wear bicycle and motorcycle helmets. (This is not mandatory for some, but it may save your life.)

Please enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy summer.