Kenney family enjoys 42nd reunion gathering

4 years ago

CHAPMAN, Maine — The  42nd Bernard and Iva Kenney family reunion was held recently at the Chapman Ridge Runners Clubhouse. 

Members from all the original families were represented this year. 

Dawn Kenney offered the blessing before the delicious pot luck dinner.  Family members paused to remember Phyllis Kenney and Midge Carter, who had passed away since the last reunion. 

Those attending thanked the kitchen crew of Vicki and Rick Porter, Claudine Brown and Elaine Littlefield.

Chairman, Maylen Kenney, welcomed all to the reunion. The secretary’s report was read by Secretary Judy Kenney. The treasurer’s report was read by Preston Kenney.  

Items from the children’s toy tote will be donated to the local homeless shelter.  Donations in memory of Phyllis Kenney and Midge Carter will be sent to the Aroostook House of Comfort.  

Officers for next year will remain the same. Marie Ellis will be in charge of the newsletter. David and Tracy McPherson will have the family scrapbook. The kitchen crew will be Vicky Porter, Judy and Nancy Sweeney and Marie Ellis. 

The 50/50 draw was won by Christine McPherson, who donated it back to the treasury.

The group shared family memories and admired family photos of Iva and Bernard, which brought back fond memories.  

A craft and baked goods auction, and the antics of the auctioneer, were enjoyed by all.

Next year’s reunion will be the last Saturday of July at the Chapman Ridge Runners Clubhouse.