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Woodland, GHCA earn top spots in cross-country championships

WOODLAND, Maine — The Aroostook League Middle School cross country teams wrapped up the season with championships on Wednesday, Oct. 9, hosted by Woodland Community School.

The 1.8-mile run saw Isaac Drayton of Woodland Consolidated coming in first for the boys with a time of 12:24.40, and Teanne Ewings of Greater Houlton Christian Academy in first place for the girls with 12:40.80.  

Rounding out the top five for the girls were: Leanne Ross, GHCA, 13:26.50, 2; Andrea Ross, GHCA, 13:56.50, 3; Maggie Bell, Caribou Middle School, 14:00.00, 4; and Elizabeth Wing, PIMS, 14:01.10, 5. For the boys: Caleb Green of Presque Isle Middle School, 12:32.70, 2nd place; Alden Reardon of Valley Rivers Middle School, 13:12.70, 3; Charlie Peers, PIMS, 13:20.40, 4; and Josiah Drayton, Woodland, 13:20.90, 5.  

Woodland Consolidated took first in team scoring for the boys, with a total time of 1:07:13.30, while GHCA nabbed the top position for the girls with a total time of 1:10:13.60.

In the boys contest, the PIMS team earned second place with 1:08:47.60, with VRMS in third with 1:11:32.90 and CMS in fourth with 1:22:21.70. For the girls, PIMS came in second with 1:10:13.60, followed by CMS with 1:23:05.00, third, and Woodland fourth with a total time of 1:42:51.00.

The remainder of the individual results are as follows.


Weaver, Jaymes, VRMS, 13:25.50; Sanclemente, Rafael, VRMS, 13:26.40; Belanger, Landen, Caribou, 13:30.30; Wark, Parker, Woodland, 13:33.50; Hart, Tyler, PIMS, 13:41.60; O’Meara, Jim, Woodland, 13:51.20; Richards, Carsen, Woodland, 14:00.30; York, Isaiah, PIMS, 14:27.30; Wing, Logan, PIMS, 14:45.60; Marrero, Joey, Woodland, 14:51.60; Tricarico, Noah, VRMS, 14:58.10; King, Jacob, PIMS, 15:17.90; LeClair, Alex, PIMS, 15:22.20; Drayton, Elias, Woodland, 15:33.00; Ouelette, Orion, PIMS, 15:37.20; Demerchant, Robert, Caribou, 15:37.70; Albair, Dominic, Woodland, 15:40.30; Chandler, Ryder, PIMS, 15:43.30; Murchison, Eli, PIMS, 16:02.40; Bemis, Teddy, PIMS, 16:12.50; Drake, Brayden, GHCA, 16:16.40; Jeffers, Aden, VRMS, 16:30.20; Pelletier, Vincent, PIMS, 16:33.30; Ring, Andrew, Woodland, 16:50.70; Moir, Evan, Woodland, 16:57.30; Ouellette, Aiden, PIMS, 17:04.20; Daggett, Carter, PIMS, 17:09.20; Newcomb, Trey, PIMS, 17:23.50; Ouellette, Colby, Caribou, 17:39.50; Olmstead, Marcus, Caribou, 17:45.00; Barnes, Brady, Caribou, 17:49.20; Jeffers, Jaden, VRMS, 20:39.30; Wasson, Alex, PIMS, 21:06.40; Spooner, Landin, Caribou, 22:49.00; and Spooner, Lars, Caribou, 23:35.70.


Casavant, Charli, PIMS, 14:09.90; Sylvia, Rylee, PIMS, 14:15.30; Sylvia, Calli, GHCA, 14:46.10; Mincey, Dalayana, GHCA, 15:23.70; Cote, Ada, PIMS, 15:26.50; McCormick, Raegan, PIMS, 15:43.40; York, Taylor, PIMS, 16:02.10; St.Peter, Taylor, Woodland, 16:09.40; Drake, Amelia GHCA, 16:29.10; Langley, Lariah, PIMS, 16:33.90; Donovan, Amelia, PIMS, 16:35.30; McLellan, Audrey, PIMS, 16:45.70; Bartley, Julia, PIMS, 16:46.30; Wimmer, Audrey, Caribou, 16:48.70; Tanguay, Rowan, VRMS, 16:54.60; Marker, Khora, Caribou, 17:01.20; Duff, Abigail GHCA, 17:04.50; Bechtel, Kate, Caribou, 17:12.30; Weaver, Amarii, VRMS, 17:32.10; Gagnon, Sage, Woodland, 18:02.80; Miller, Emerson, Caribou, 18:02.80; Caron, Kelsey, PIMS, 18:10.30; Ouellette, Claire, Caribou, 18:15.80; Blackstone, Ellie, PIMS, 18:31.20; Bruce, Tiffany, Caribou, 18:50.60; Crowe, Rylee, PIMS, 18:56.50; Lister, Lauren, Caribou, 19:02.10; Dumond, Hayley, Caribou, 19:10.50; Davenport, Bailey, PIMS, 20:05.20; Fox, Brynna, PIMS, 20:11.20; Gregg, Violet, PIMS, 20:17.30; Tricarico, Caitlyn, VRMS,  20:25.80; Watson, Addison GHCA, 20:40.30; Kilcollins, Clare, Woodland, 21:21.80; Haney, Abbigail, Caribou, 22:22.00; Tayong, Alice, PIMS, 22:51.70; Soucy, Kyla, Woodland, 23:28.80; and Holmes, Jadyn, Woodland, 23:48.20.

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