Making way for a new year in Mapleton

4 years ago

The Mapleton Lions Club thanks all who attended the New Year’s Eve dance to support club charities. The severe weather reduced attendance some for the event, but every partygoer enjoyed the music of Wally and the Virginian.  

Funds raised from this event will be used to purchase eye glasses, fund college scholarships, and support an adolescent diabetes camp., the Homeless Services of Aroostook, the Aroostook Teen Leadership  Camp, the Mapleton Summer Recreation Program, as well as several concerns of Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill. 

On Sunday, Jan. 5, the club closed the area’s Christmas season as members took down the Christmas lights on Mapleton’s Main Street.  Putting up the lights on Thanksgiving weekend each year for the last 30 years continues to be one of the fun events enjoyed by the club’s members.  

The annual lighting started when the City of Presque Isle decided to stop decorating Main Street.  Their lights were purchased by the Mapleton Lions and used for 20 years to light the town. Then 10 years ago the original lights were replaced with lighted wreaths using standard outdoor tungsten lights.  Then four years ago the lights were switched out and replaced by LED lights that effectively reduced the cost of the lighting.

This year the Club faced a significant challenge as Emera replaced all the utility poles along Main Street.  All of the Christmas light connections had to be relocated from the old poles to the new poles before Emera could energize all the receptacles needed for the lights.  The Mapleton Lions appreciate the cooperation between Emera and the club.

The Lions appreciate the many contributors at its various fundraising events.  It is through these donations they are able to maintain and cover the annual cost of the decorating Main Street for the Christmas season.  With lights now in storage, the club looks forward to this year’s Christmas season.

Knitting club knotes

The knitting and crafts group meeting on Jan. 22 has been cancelled due to a club function at the clubhouse.  The group meets every Wednesday at the Chapman Ridge Runners Snowmobile and ATV Clubhouse. Local knitters and crafters are welcome to come and join in these Wednesday get-togethers.  

The group will resume activities on Wednesday, Jan. 29.  They meet at 10 a.m. at the clubhouse next to the Chapman Town Office.  

For more information, call Susan Maynard at 764-1236.

Senior luncheon

Caroline Ballerstein reminds everyone over age 55 that the Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill Seniors started 2020 with two fun and enjoyable meetings on Mondays, Jan. 6 and 20.  The seniors have returned to the Mapleton Methodist Church for their twice-monthly potlucks.  

Everyone over age 55 is welcome to come and attend the regular twice-monthly luncheons and even consider joining the group.  This is a traditional potluck lunch, so bring something and enjoy the lunch prepared by very experienced cooks. The next meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 3, at 11:30 a.m. at the Mapleton Methodist Church.    

Calling Mapleton dogs

The Town Office is now registering dogs. Register before Jan. 31 and beat the $25 dollar late fee. The fees are $6 per spayed or neutered dog and $11 per dog capable of reproducing.  

 Terry Sandusky is the Star-Herald correspondent for Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill and can be reached at 764-4916 or at