SAD 70 menu

4 years ago


Breakfast is served with choice of cereal, assorted fruit juice and white or chocolate milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 5Whole-grain muffin.

Thursday, Feb. 6 – Toast and jelly. 

Friday, Feb. 7 – Whole-grain doughnut.

Monday, Feb. 10 – French toast.

Tuesday, Feb. 11 – Sausage patty and egg. 

Wednesday, Feb. 12 Whole-grain muffin.


Lunch is served with choice of Sun Butter / white or chocolate milk; salad bar at middle school.

Wednesday, Feb. 5Breakfast for lunch: French toast, sausage, hash brown, veggie sticks, peaches.

Thursday, Feb. 6 – (Early release day) Teriyaki chicken, flavored noodles, broccoli, roll, fruit cocktail. 

Friday, Feb. 7 – Pepperoni or cheese pizza, veggie sticks, orange. 

Monday, Feb. 10 – Hamburger or cheeseburger, potato puffs, peaches, veggie sticks. 

Tuesday, Feb. 11 – Hawks bowl, chicken tender, potato, gravy corn, roll, grapes. 

Wednesday, Feb. 12  Breakfast for lunch: Sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, hash brown, veggie sticks, apple.