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Phony patriotism

To the editor:

Enough is enough.  I apologize but I can no longer idly stand by as our country is torn apart by delusion and alternative reality.

In recent days, I have seen television segments of protests held by supporters of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. At these protests, they waved and draped themselves in the American flag. They claim they are “real Americans.” This is an outrage and a disgrace worse than burning Old Glory. It is a misrepresentation and an insult to the flag and the nation.

Why? Well, let us start at the top, the man they support and give obvious blind allegiance to rather than America, its history and current-day citizenry. He has attacked veterans (John McCain), attacked Gold Star Families (Kahn Family), and insulted active-duty admirals and generals, saying they’re “stupid” and “idiots,” that he “knows more than them.”

Again, I apologize, but this is the equivalent of defecating on the graves and memory of those who sacrificed themselves for this nation and the constitution, all that it stands for, and it is offensive and repulsive to all of us.

During a national health crisis/pandemic that has killed over 45,000 fellow Americans in the past six weeks, many from the Greatest Generation, he accused our front-line health care workers of being “complainers” and implied they are thieves, slipping PPE out the back door to the black market. He claimed he was a “wartime president” and then like a coward, says he’s a “backup” and “not responsible at all.”

Supporting a human being with these actions and behavior is not only unpatriotic, it is despicable, it is inhumane, and sacrifices your rights to seriously wave and drape yourselves with the American flag as an adult. Either you have absolutely lost your minds, are hallucinating, in denial or plain old ignorant of reality.

You cannot wave and drape Old Glory while supporting the heathen that really did the above, occupying the White House. It is not only fake; it is extremely unpatriotic and very un-American.

No respect earned is no respect given. We The People and Old Glory deserve and expect better from our fellow citizens.

John F. Orlando


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