Americans during a crisis

Every year Americans are confronted with natural disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods. Homes are leveled, businesses are destroyed. Lives altered tragically, some lives lost. We’re being hit right now by a natural disaster, a bad one that comes once a century, a deadly contagion that knows no borders.

What do Americans do during these disasters? They pick themselves up, dust themselves off. They look to see if anyone needs help. They examine the devastation, they cry, they hurt. Then they begin the recovery. Family, friends, neighbors, the community and our government pitch in. We all pull together. That’s what Americans do.
What do Americans not do during these disasters? They do not get raging angry, blame anyone they do not like or agree with. They do not play victim. They do not protest, holding up signs saying “Tyranny.” “Liberty,” “Freedom,” “My Constitutional Rights,” “Liberate My State” [and] “Covid-19 is a lie.”
How about some perspective? Are you in a gulag? Are you in a concentration camp? Has the door to your home or business been kicked in by brown shirts or jackbooted thugs? The “chosen one” you voted for is in the White House right now. This is a very contagious virus that has killed over 61,000 Americans in seven weeks — more than 20 years of the Vietnam War. It’s 20 9/11s, 15,250 Benghazis.
You think this virus is not real, not that bad, hyped by fake news? I strongly suggest that you confirm your suspicions. Drive down to a NYC hospital. See how violent, horrible this virus is. It’s nothing like the flu. As a thank you, help bring a body bag to the refrigerated trailer in the back of the hospital. Go out to Hart Island, give a hand with the mass grave burials.
In America, our beloved seniors, veterans, our children are not available for your human sacrifice. Sorry. How low can a group of people go? All for what? One man? A political party?
God bless our health care workers and first responders. The majority of Americans love and support you.
John F. Orlando

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