Caribou veterans honor fallen soldiers during small Memorial Day ceremony

4 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — The COVID-19 pandemic may have canceled Caribou’s Memorial Day parade, but it did not stop veteran organizations in the city from holding a small, private ceremony at the Caribou Veterans Memorial Park on Main Street.

Members of both the Caribou VFW and Legion came together to honor veterans who have died while defending the country as well as the MIA/POW servicemen and women who have not yet returned home.

Although the parade was canceled, Caribou VFW Commander Roger Felix and other local veterans wanted to make sure that they paid tribute to local veterans who had died over the last year. 

The small group laid wreaths and held a roll call in which they read the names of fallen soldiers and placed flags at the foot of the park’s monument.

It was a quiet and somber occasion, Felix said. 

“To me, it had a lot more meaning than if we were to walk up there and stop at the end of the parade,” he said. “It was just veterans remembering veterans, and it was a lot different than when we have other people there.”

The  Caribou police and fire departments also attended to pay their respects. 

“Today, we remember are comrades who have gone off to serve a higher calling,”  Caribou American Legion Commander Wayne Little said during the ceremony.

“Always remember, it’s not the wind that blows our flag — it is the last breath of our departed who gave their lives so we can remain free,” Felix said during the ceremony’s conclusion.