Joe Biden’s questionable character

To the editor:

Martin Luther King Jr. once quipped, “It’s up to all of us to judge each man and woman by their character.” This sage advice holds especially true for political candidates. 

A person’s lot in life is determined by their character, which is the sum of their inner nature that is their disposition, temperament and morals. It is their conscience that ultimately decides what choices they will freely make at critical junctures in their life.

I won’t be engaging in a comparison between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, so don’t expect any moral equivalency. Nor shall I be discussing Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive impairment. 

Pushing a young female employee up against a wall in the bowels of the Capitol Building and raping her, after having lured her there during business hours on a false pretense, is about as morally objectionable as it gets. Joe Biden was a U.S. senator when he was alleged to have committed this serious federal crime. 

This heinous crime bespeaks of Biden’s recklessness and sociopathic tendencies. Unfortunately, he has demonstrated little or no control over his antisocial impulses since then. [At] the core Joe Biden evidently lacks empathy, sensitivity and common sense. 

His alleged rape of Tara Reade was not out of character either. Coming up behind an unsuspecting woman or young girl and groping them, fondling them, playing with their hair, or blowing on their necks are all forms of unwanted attention, sexual harassment, or sexual assault of which Joe Biden has been accused. This type of observed immoral and criminal conduct has earned him the well-deserved moniker of “Creepy Uncle Joe.”

Antisocial behavior is deeply ingrained in this retail politician’s character. Here are some glaring examples of his prepubescent deviant behavior: Running underneath a moving dump truck on a dare, causing an electrified public streetcar to abruptly lose control by disengaging it from its source of electrical power, and my personal favorite, a young “Jungle Bean Joe” swinging wildly and dangerously back and forth on a steel girder suspended high in the air by a rope. What a monumental jerk.

Lawrence Shea


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