Question for mainstream media

To the Editor: My question to the mainstream media. Why do you instill fear and why do you instill hate? 


It is important for us to see the wrong going on in our country. It is just as important for us to see the good that is going on in our country. To the mainstream media, when you only show me violence, when you only show me looting when you only show me killings of officers and citizens, I am filled with anger. I am also filled with fear and I am driven by these feelings to reciprocate that same kind of energy. 

What happens if you also show me what really happens during real moments of peaceful protest that are happening throughout our country? When you show me officers who walk with their people; when you show me — and us– moments when our people are coming together, it inspires unity. It also inspires hope. It inspires peace, and you will receive that same kind of energy and you will show the people how to be peaceful and how to come together instead of instilling hate and anger in our hearts and showing us how to be violent.

We need to be shown how to come together, not how to place blame on our officers or to place blame on the looters and the protestors. We need to place blame on ourselves because until each loss is as valued as the next, the problems we are seeing in our country will continue. We cannot find the corrupt by becoming the corrupt. 

To the mainstream media, you are keeping us divided and I am asking you to change. My voice is one, but our voices are many.

Tessa Solomon

Houlton, ME

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